Malaysia committee established to tackle illegal gambling

  • Malaysia sets up a special committee to go after all forms of illegal gambling in the country
  • Online gambling is on the committee’s agenda as well, although they admit this will be a difficult problem to tackle

Malaysia is one of the countries where nearly all forms of gambling are illegal. Apart from the national lottery and a limited amount of betting on some horse racing tracks, gambling is prohibited across the country. The only exception to this rule is Resorts World Genting casino.

malaysia crackdown
malaysia crackdown

However, this doesn’t stop Malaysians from seeing illegal gambling activities in the country, which are unfortunately not always caught by the police. Despite frequent announcements of gambling crackdowns, these illicit activities continue in the country.

Now, the Malaysian government has decided to change things around, and it is reported that it will be starting with corrupt police officers who are alleged to protect criminal syndicates responsible for organizing illegal gambling and prostitution rings in the country.

New action committee in place

The Malaysian police have formed a new action committee involving a number of government and law enforcement agencies, as well as many senior police officers who have been clear of suspicions of being involved with these criminal activities.

The committee will be in charge of preparing, planning, and finally executing actions against illegal gambling groups, looking to rid the country of this problem once and for all. According to Tan Sri Noor, Deputy Inspector-General, they will be looking to charge all individuals involved with these activities, which it is hoped should help completely wipe out illicit gambling.

Online gambling on the agenda

The new task force will not be dealing just with land-based casinos but they also plan to go after online casino gambling, which is also illegal in Malaysia. Of course, this might prove somewhat challenging as resources the police have at their disposal are limited.

Noor explained that battling online gambling is much tougher, not only because of technological limitations, but also because most servers providing gaming services to Malaysian citizens are located overseas. This makes the task of going after these sites highly complicated.

However, the committee remains devoted to its purpose and they will try to use all the information available to them, gathered from local ISPs and other relevant sources. Their activities will also include a digital training for police officers to make them better prepared to face these challenges. Additionally, the committee will have its say in relevant laws and their advice and suggestions will be considered in future decisions.

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