Macau junket operator Suncity Group eyeing casino expansion

  • Suncity runs VIP betting rooms and is Macau’s leading junket operator
  • The company is reportedly considering developing its own casinos

Suncity Group, a company that runs VIP betting rooms with monthly stakes exceeding $17 billion and Macau’s leading junket operator, is eyeing new Asian markets according to recent reports.

The company, which currently works with China’s high-rollers, is reported to potentially be considering spending billions of dollars to become an international casino operator.

suncity group vietnam casino

Suncity Group is alleged to be seeking potential Japanese partners at present, having already invested in a Vietnamese resort that will open at some point during 2019. Its worldwide projects involve buying and owning casino stakes, as well as taking on the management of other casinos by bidding on their contracts.

Andrew Lo, executive director of Suncity Group Holdings Ltd, has reportedly said that customers and clients would be inclined to continue doing business with the company more if it owns casinos and integrated resorts, as well as the pools, restaurants, and golf courses that often accompany them.

The operator is currently in charge of around 50 percent of Macau’s junket scene – the firms of which are entrusted with lending money and collecting any debts, as well as marketing gambling-oriented trips to the region’s high-rollers.

An upward trend

Suncity is an important business for the region of Macau already. This next reported step appears to see the business looking to diversify its offering. Lo has reportedly said that Suncity Group will grow as a company over the next half a year due to China’s improving economy.

In fact, last month, the firm’s total bets grew around 40 percent from August 2016, and overall annual growth for 2017 is expected to be approximately 30 percent – this is, of course, despite the deadly typhoons.

Next moves

At present, Suncity Group is reportedly pursuing a potential casino license, with a view to ultimately building a casino resort worth around $10 million.

Discussions with the construction, retail, and hotel sectors, as well as with future potential casino operating partners, are now taking place.

And with director Lo claiming that his business is well versed in Japanese culture, the plans could potentially be put into place quickly and successfully, despite the fact that the country’s lawmakers might ban junkets from running casinos.

Lo makes it known that Suncity Group’s plans for global expansion in no way mean that the junket company is bailing on Macau, its economy, or its gaming industry. Instead, the firm seeks clientele not based in China to continue to expand its business.

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