Macau casinos remain shuttered after Typhoon tears through region

  • Flood damage and ‘insurance issues’ among reasons for prolonged closure
  • Casinos in race against time to be open for China’s National Day celebrations

The devastation that mother nature has been inflicting on the world at the moment is still being felt at the hotel and casino at Legend Palace in Macau as the resort remains closed two weeks after typhoon Hato rampaged from the Philippine sea into the northern region of South China Sea.

Macau Legend Palace
Macau’s Legend Palace hotel and casino resort remains closed following Typhoon Hato

The resort has only recently opened but due to flooding, the casino’s promoters Macau Legend Development Ltd have been unable to specify an exact date for the resorts reopening due to the extent of the damage, but did hint at being reopened in time for China’s national holiday on October 1.

The devastation of Hato

Typhoon Hato left parts of China in ruin and the damages have cost an estimated $1.87 billion, with the world-famous casino region of Macau being one of the worst hit areas. Sadly 10 people from the Asian casino mecca died during the typhoon.

It is not just the Legend Palace that was hit hard, with a host of other casinos including the Broadway Macau remaining closed and the Ponte 16 partially closed whilst damage is being repaired.

Race to reopen

The Legend Palace Hotel and Casino, like other resorts hit by the typhoon is eager to be reopened in time for China’s National Day celebrations on October 1.

This is traditionally one of Macau’s busiest days as tourists from all over the country flock to the gambling area and is only seconded to the legendary Macau Grand Prix, which occurs in November.

It has been reported by GGRAsia, that Macau Legend has hinted that, in order to have the casino ready to reopen it will require “replacement from overseas” and the sorting out of “possible insurance issues”.

However, there was some positive news as the statement went on to say that the flooding had been “immediately dealt with and damage to the interior was minimal”, adding that “there are currently some electrical and electronic issues which were affected”.

Resort owners club together for pledge

Following on from the devastation of Typhoon Hato, resort owners in Macau have clubbed together and pledged $27 million to help with aid for the region.

However, there may be an underlying reason for the generosity as the resorts will most likely have to reapply for their gaming licenses once their current concessions expire on various dates between 2020 and 2022.

It will no doubt do their cause no harm in being active in the community to ensure a new license is granted with minimum fuss.

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