Lytton Rancheria tribe pledges $1 million in relief funding for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

  • Lytton Rancheria offers ‘critical assistance’ to Harvey fund
  • Funds will help Houston “rebuild and regain its strength”

The Lytton Rancheria tribe has pledged $1 million in relief funding for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, which will be used to help the damaged city rebuild and rehouse its residents.

The casino in south California has donated $1 million to the Hurricane Harvey fund which devastated Houston.
The Lytton Rancheria tribe, which runs the San Pablo Lytton Casino in has donated $1 million to the Hurricane Harvey fund which devastated large parts of Texas.

Members of the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians, which owns and operates California’s San Pablo Lytton Casino, offered their support to hurricane victims as the state of Texas continues its appeal for donations to the relief fund.

Houston still suffering after Hurricane Harvey

It has been just over a month since Hurricane Harvey swung into Texas and brought devastating flooding upon the state, with Houston badly affected by rising water levels.

36 people are known to have died, while thousands of homes and millions of vehicles were destroyed or badly damaged. Though water levels have begun to recede and rebuilding has started in many areas, some residents are still living in shelters or temporary accommodation, having lost everything they own.

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner has called for donations to a relief fund which will help the city recover after the storm.

Funds are being used to help victims directly in the wake of the storm’s effects, as well as to rebuild vital infrastructure. The Greater Houston Community Foundation manages those funds, which now include Lytton’s generous donation.

Tribe offers support to Texas after hurricane

Lytton Tribal Chairperson Margie Mejia spoke with Mayor Turner and expressed the tribe’s support and concern for the situation in Texas. “It is the Lytton Rancheria’s deepest hope that our donation will help the Greater Houston Community Foundation provide critical assistance to those affected,” Meija told Turner.

The Lytton Rancheria and its San Pablo Lytton Casino are well-known for their charitable efforts, with $18.5 million in recorded donations made to programs that help vulnerable people. The San Pablo Lytton Casino is a popular gambling venue close to San Francisco which features a huge variety of slot games, poker tables and blackjack games. It is San Pablo’s primary revenue source, bringing in around $1.2 million per month for community development and local investment.

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