Vegas visitor walks away $11.8m richer after hitting the Megabucks jackpot

  • The jackpot was won at the Fremont in downtown Las Vegas last Tuesday on the IGT Megabucks Double 3X4X5X Pay game
  • IGT Megabucks has now paid out more than $1bn since its inception in 1986

It’s champagne all round for one lucky Las Vegas punter after scooping a reported whopping $11.8m on IGT’s Megabucks Double 3X4X5X pay game.

IGT megabucks win

The winner, Rodolfo T, hit the jackpot after playing the maximum bet of just $3 to win precisely $11,856,654.67 and return to his home state Southern California with more than just a smile on his face.

IGT Megabucks $11.8m small fry compared to 2003 winnings

Ever since IGT Megabucks debut back in 1986, over $1bn has been paid out and whereas $11.8m may sound impressive, it was nothing compared to one winner in March 2003 who took home a staggering $39 million.

The 25-year-old Los Angeles resident put in just three $1 before hitting the $39m jackpot at the Excalibur resort on the Vegas Strip, which remains to this date the biggest IGT Megabucks Double 3X4X5X pay game pay out exceeding the close to $35 million that Cynthia Jay-Brennan on in January 2000 on Megabucks.

Tragically, just weeks later, Brennan was paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver in an accident which saw her sister sadly pass away and the story has become well known for its tale of bad luck.

Fremont joins Excalibur as lucky casino

“The Fremont has awarded many thousands of jackpots throughout its 60-year history in Las Vegas, but none quite like this,” were the words of Fremont vice president and general manager Jim Sullivan (no doubt through gritted teeth) after Rodolfo claimed the jackpot.

But Sullivan did add “We’re incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing jackpot.” How delighted he will be if another punter scoops the jack pot remains to be seen with the Megabucks Double 3X4X5X pay game resetting itself at a still impressive $10 million.

No doubt the winner will have enjoyed his trip and is most likely already in their new Southern Californian Condo overlooking the ocean as we speak. Some people have all the luck.

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