Lucky UK pub produces a third £1M EuroMillions Lottery winner

  • Landlord scoops top raffle prize in National Lottery game
  • Pub customers have also won £1 million prize – twice!

A public house in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire might be a lucky charm for local lottery players, with three wins of £1,000,000 all linked to the UK drinking spot.

Landlord Ian Brooke joins regular punters David and Kathleen Long in the millionaires club, reports the BBC, after his EuroMillions raffle ticket turned up a winning number combination in the July 28 draw.

The Longs are the UK’s only double winners of the Millionaire Maker game – beating odds of around 283 billion to one, according to game operator Camelot.

Ian Brooke Lottery Win
Ian Brooke (centre) has become the third person at a pub in Lincolnshire to win £1m on the National Lottery. Photo: BBC NEWS UK.

Millionaire Maker Raffle produces instant millionaires

Millionaire Maker is part of the Euromillions lottery game, an offshoot of the National Lottery which is played across the UK as well as Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Ireland.

The Millionaire Maker game takes the form of a raffle, with players opting in when they purchase a ticket for the main Euromillions draw. Each player is issued a code, featuring a string of letters and numbers. The raffle is drawn and two winning tickets are awarded an automatic £1 million prize.

Unlikely double win for Leicestershire couple

The chance of winning a Millionaire Maker prize are around one in 2,950,000, according to the operator, so Mr Brooke has beaten incredible odds to scoop his jackpot prize. The publican plans to share his winnings with friends at the pub, and told reporters he will use the money to treat his family and to invest in a holiday home.

David Long and wife Kathleen beat even longer odds to achieve their double jackpot win, with an estimated 283 billion to one chance of grabbing two of the million pound prizes. For three winners to share a link to the same premises is even less likely.

Chances are, you don’t even know one lottery winner – let alone three!

The Mallard is likely to be seen as a good luck charm in the coming weeks and months, and should expect more visits from lottery players who hope the bizarre trend continues. This is great news for landlord Ian, who might grab a second windfall through increased bar sales!

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