Kaching! Lucky punter wins $3.9 million on Mega Fortune at Mr Green Casino

  • Mega Fortune’s progressive jackpot pays out again at Mr Green Casino
  • German woman, named as Jessica, was playing on her mobile and scooped €3.3 million

Another day, another tale of serendipity, luck, fortune or destiny – call it what you will. Whatever and however it occurred, one punter has been left reeling after winning a life-changing sum while playing Mega Fortune at Mr Green Casino.

The progressive jackpot slot certainly lives up to its name, having created more than its share of millionaires.

Mr Green Mega Fortune winner

While its average jackpot over the years has come in at around the €4 million mark, it’s safe to assume that the player in this particular case didn’t feel short-changed upon winning ‘just’ €3.3.

Spending the winnings

The woman, who comes from Germany, is merely the latest in a long line of players who’ve enjoyed notable success while playing at Mr Green.

Jessica struck gold playing the Mega Fortune slot on her mobile, and then went straight to her husband to confirm that he was seeing what she was seeing and this was indeed real. While the dust is still settling and spending plans have yet to be fully thought out, the German woman is apparently planning a holiday to the US and will also set aside a sum for her child to inherit.

The most astonishing thing about Jessica’s success is that this isn’t even the first major win at the casino for a woman going by that name – a Swedish Jessica also enjoyed a bumper jackpot just 15 months earlier.

Online casinos trade on their reputation for luck, and regardless of the science behind it, or lack thereof, Mr Green certainly has a reputation for big money winners. This year alone it’s paid out over €10 million in jackpot prizes, a third of which went to the German Jessica.

Mega Fortune pays out again

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune has become the go-to progressive jackpot game for many players chasing down the big one. While Jessica was delighted with her €3.3 million win off a €5 stake, in 2013 the game paid out a staggering €17.8 million to one punter.

For a slot with just 25 paylines, Mega Fortune crams a lot on, with the Mega Fortune Bonus holding the key to the big bucks.

Land three bonus symbols in a row to access the wheel of fortune which has multiple tiers. Make it to the innermost of the three wheels, alight on the diamond arrow and the top prize is all yours.

Even if you never get as lucky as Mr Green’s German and Swedish jackpot-winning Jessicas, there are still plenty of smaller prizes to be won which aren’t to be sniffed at.

While there’s no proven formula to profiting from slots, if you’re name’s Jessica or you hail from Scandinavia, and your chosen casino is Mr Green, it would appear that your chances are better than most.

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