Why you can get more out of your online casino if you are a regular customer

It’s amazing how many businesses focus on pulling in new business with cracking offers, while simultaneously allowing their existing and cash generating customers to languish with a raw deal.

Getting a good deal from your casinos.
Getting a good deal from your casinos.

Mobile phone and broadband companies are notorious for it – new sign ups get freebies, reductions and five star service, while those who have been with the same supplier for years get some standard deal or tariff then ends up costing three times as much.

Savvy customers know this and shop around. But surely the answer lies in the business itself looking after its valued customers?

Luckily, in the world of online casinos, the ‘retaining’ of customers commands a lot of attention. There are staff dedicated to exploring how to keep existing players happy (not unsurprisingly) and that means as a customer, you are in a very strong position, particularly if you are regular player.

So why not use that power? And moreover, make sure you are at a casino that rewards you for your custom.

The loyalty plan

Always know what you are getting yourself into – that would be the first piece of advice.

It is quite possible to see what loyal customers get, by exploring the reward scheme.

A good loyalty scheme is well worth having at an online casino.
A good loyalty scheme is key to any online casino if you plan to be there for a while.

So don’t be too enticed by the opening bonus – as we’ve discussed, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Very often there will be a tiered scheme based on how much you wager – very much like a land-based casino in fact, but perhaps a little more regimented.

Often players will gradually accumulate loyalty points and the more they accumulate, the more they get. Earning more loyalty points can also push players into a higher loyalty tier and are then eligible for even more juice back from the casino.

Check this out before you start.

Are you a VIP?

Casinos have special departments for dealing with high value players.

That means five star treatment including some decent rewards.

High rollers are treated to bonuses suitable for the more discerning customer.
Are you a high roller? It pays to find out.

What actually constitutes a VIP player is entirely at the discretion of the casino itself, of course.

But if you feel that your wagering belongs in that bracket, they why not get in touch with the casino and state your case?

You can at least find out what it will take to have VIP status and also state your case for some top notch treatment.

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Fight your corner

Players who feel like they aren’t getting the rewards and attention they deserve from the casino should say so.

As the old saying goes, the squeakiest wheels get the most grease.

A friendly voice at the end of a phone is just one element of the support you might want from an online casino. Picture: ThinkStock.
If you feel a bit neglected by your online casino – contact them – don’t ask, don’t get. Picture: ThinkStock.

Players who kick up a bit of a fuss, if done in a reasonable, explained and friendly way, will likely get some attention from customer services and possibly get a little bonus or perk.

As long as that request is presented in reasoned terms, it is highly likely the casino will listen and act accordingly.

It helps if the casino has a reputation for good customer service in the first place.

What to do next

The best thing to is to pick and online casino that offers decent service in the first place.

Read our comprehensive guide to online casinos first.

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