Lottoland launches daily Bitcoin lotto with 1000 BTC prize

  • Lottoland opens daily Bitcoin jackpot draw
  • Players around the world can take part in the game

Leading global lottery betting operator Lottoland is getting in on the Bitcoin action by issuing the world’s first official and fully licensed Bitcoin jackpot game.

Bitcoin's value spike could see a windfall for players with money sitting in accounts
Bitcoin’s value spike could see a windfall for players.

The 1,000 Bitcoin prize pot will be paid to one or more lucky winners who match 6 numbers on their daily draw ticket.

The draw is open to players in a number of nations around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Players can buy tickets through the official Lottoland website, and draws take place daily between Monday and Saturday from December 18, 2017 onward. Tickets cost $3 (or a local equivalent), and are selected on a 6/49 basis.

What is the 1000 Bitcoin prize worth?

At the time of writing, the 1000 Bitcoins are worth an equivalent of CA $20 million, US $17.9 million, €15.7 million or £13.4 million, depending on the player’s native currency.

However, that amount is subject to change as the value of Bitcoin is extremely fluid, so a prize paid in Bitcoin could be worth less – or significantly more – by the time it is paid out and cashed in.

Lottoland promises to help players set up a Bitcoin wallet if they win, so their funds can be transferred safely and securely.

There is also the option of a cash equivalent payout, if the winner prefers, which will be calculated based on Bitcoin’s value at the time of payment of that prize.

Spanish lotto forms basis of draw

The Bitcoin lotto game will run alongside the popular Spanish Bonoloto draw, a daily draw run by the Lottoland group.

Players entering the Bitcoin lotto will pick from the same set of 49 numbers as the Bonoloto players, and match their tickets against the same six drawn balls.

Lottoland has promised to throw in some bonuses for Bitcoin lotto players, including larger jackpots on special occasions and the chance of rollover prizes, and they claim there is a 1 in 7 chance of winning a prize with every ticket.

With a single Bitcoin currently worth around $18,000 (£13,000), even a ‘small’ win on the game could be life-changing.

More Bitcoin games in the future?

Lottoland is behind some of the world’s most successful lottery games, including EuroMillions, the PowerBall and MegaMillions US games, and Spain’s Christmas lottery El Gordo.

They are the most high profile gambling group to take up the Bitcoin cause so far, and they are likely to inspire other big providers to take a chance on the cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin casinos have been common for some time now, they have typically been unlicensed and unregulated websites where players have no protection. Lottoland is a fully licensed and approved operator.

If their efforts to bring Bitcoin games to the mass market are successful and if confidence grows in the cryptocurrency, you can expect to see many more lottery and casino operators jumping on board the Bitcoin wagon in the very near future.

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