Loosen your belt: Gun Lake Casino has got a 20,000 square foot buffet on the way

  • Gun Lake Casino currently undergoing a 73,000 square foot expansion
  • Refurbishment to include 20,000 square foot buffet dining room
  • Head chef promises to ‘change the way you think about a casino buffet’

In the ultra-competitive world of casinos, size matters and bigger is always better. Your neighbour has just upgraded to 30 poker tables? Then you have to have 31. What’s that, they’ve added a puzzle room? Time to one up them and add something equally fabulous to your own resort.

The latest establishment to have announced a major upsizing is Gun Lake Casino and it’s not the size of their games floor that’s been the talk of Michigan.

Gun Lake Buffet Kitchen
Gun Lake Casino: soon to be serving great food to accompany gaming action

While the overall project involves a 73,000 square foot expansion, there’s one particular area that’s set tongues wagging and stomachs rumbling – the buffet. In the ultimate case of oneupmanship, Gun Lake has announced plans to install a 20,000 square foot buffet.

What does such a dining facility even look like? Are there swimming pools full of ranch dressing and cocktail sausages piled Jenga-like all the way to heaven? Are there enough pizza slices to feed the 5,000 and salad bowls the size of moon craters? Will diners navigate the groaning food tables on Segways?

Head chef Nicholas Manning is the man with the envious task of ensuring that the cavernous new dining hall remains stocked with napkins, wings and all the other accoutrements that are part of the American buffet experience.

“We can tailor it to the person because we’ll have a live-action station. We will have our favorite dishes out there that are our style of food.”
Nicholas Manning, head chef at Gun Lake Casino

Live action station sounds like something you’d encounter on late night television while idly flicking through the high-number satellite channels. “We want to present what’s seasonal, what’s trendy,” continued Manning, undaunted. “We want to do something that changes the way you think of a casino buffet, or a buffet in general.”

In that respect, the head chef can be said to have achieved his objective before so much as a morsel has been served.

While gourmands will doubtless welcome the Michigan casino’s ambitious new venture, there is a danger that it could end up overshadowing the games floor, despite the addition of 500 new slots and a high stakes table area. Gun Lake: Come for the craps. Stay for the 20,000 square foot buffet.

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