Liverpool can be the British Las Vegas – and Snoop Dogg’s the man to make it happen

  • Hip-hop star reveals he’d like to invest in UK
  • He tells the Daily Star that he has a ‘special love’ for Liverpool

Snoop Dogg has revealed his vision for turning Liverpool into the Las Vegas of the UK.

Snoop Dogg is a man of many talents, but can he help bring the Las Vegas vibe to Liverpool in England?
Snoop Dogg is a man of many talents, but can he help bring the Las Vegas vibe to Liverpool in England?

The music producer and hip-hop performer has often told of his love for the UK, and speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, he said that of all the UK cities, he had a special affection for Liverpool due to its musical and sporting heritage.

“I love all the UK, man – every city I have visited has got it’s own thing going on,” he said.

“But I got special love for Liverpool for real. The city has swag, the people have swag, they got a big music history with The Beatles – who I love – and a big soccer history as well.”

He also said that the city could be the ideal location for a global entertainment destination on the same scale as Las Vegas.

“They don’t really do the big complexes like we do here – hotel, casino, concert venue, nightclub, sports bar, shopping all under one roof – which they should because I know Britain loves to party.

“You are never going to find the space in London to do that, but I know it would work in Liverpool.”

He added that he was ready to work with anyone who wanted to ‘bring a little bit of Las Vegas to Liverpool’.

Calm down, we’re family men

Speaking of Vegas, earlier this year, Snoop revealed that he was keen to party in Sin City along with Brits David Beckham and Simon Cowell.

“It would be cool if me, David and Simon could go to Vegas for the weekend.

“I know, like maybe 10 years ago, Victoria didn’t want him party with me. Maybe she had believed everything she had heard about me.

“But now Victoria and me are friends, I am sure she will let David out to play. There would be no girls or anything though – all three of us are family men now.”

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