LeoVegas online casino now gives players the option of PayPal

  • LeoVegas now offering Paypal due to customer trust and mobile friendly features
  • Online casino had wanted to offer PayPal to players for some time

Players using Swedish online casino site LeoVegas can now manage money in their accounts using PayPal.

LeoVegas, a major player in the online casino world, has now started accepting PayPal.
LeoVegas, a major player in the online casino world, has now started accepting PayPal.

As one of the most trusted and widely used online payment systems in the world, the addition of PayPal is something that LeoVegas had been pushing for. The addition now assists with their policy of making the online casino experience as hassle-free and as user-friendly as possible for players.

Why use PayPal?

Available in 202 countries, 25 different currencies and with almost 200 million users, it’s no secret that PayPal is popular, but why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Security: With cyber-crime an ever-increasing threat in today’s world, PayPal represents a safe and secure method of transferring funds. You also only have to input your credit card details once, minimising the chance that a hacker can steal them.
  • Cost PayPal is free to use, with no sign-up fees nor processing charges, making it a very attractive option for those looking to transfer funds and make online deposits.
  • Convenience By removing the need to dig out your wallet and manually input lengthy card numbers each and every time you make a deposit, PayPal takes the stress and the inconvenience out of online payment.
  • Flexibility: PayPal offers you the ability to link several bank accounts and credit cards to the same account, thus allowing you a variety of different options as to how to pay. This also reduces the risk of your card being declined – always an undesirable scenario.
  • App: The PayPal app makes using the site on your mobile a stress-free and user-friendly experience, which is ideal for gamers who use mobile casino sites… such as LeoVegas.

Who are LeoVegas?

Coming from nowhere to the top of the mobile gaming industry in just five years, LeoVegas recently celebrated its fifth birthday with an announcement that it had surpassed $850 million in player deposits in February.

Following on from that, the Swedish firm last week signalled its intention to claim the crown of number one mobile casino by snapping up Winga.it in a $6.1 million deal – its first ever acquisition. The purchase of the Italian-based operator means that LeoVegas now holds gambling licenses in Italy, Denmark and Malta, as well as the UK and Ireland.

Residents of these last two nations will be especially pleased at the PayPal announcement, with the payment giants being such a popular choice among British and Irish gamers.

Christian Karlsson, head of payments at LeoVegas, told Casinopedia: “The PayPal payment solution is very mobile friendly, and customers can have their PayPal account saved on LeoVegas which improves the payment flow because of the availability for one-click transactions, especially on casino games both on mobile and desktop.

“PayPal has been in the pipeline for LeoVegas (for) some time, so in the end we felt that now was a good time for us to push this further. Since PayPal is really strict with the gambling merchants they accept we are now really happy to be on board.”


Though PayPal has traditionally only been available on a limited number of casino sites, the news that LeoVegas has added itself to that list will come as a welcome boon to online casino gamers. The move represents another milestone in LeoVegas’ desired progression to number one mobile gaming site and is expected to contribute to the continued growth of its player database.

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