Latest figures reveal impressive casino revenue growth for Macau

  • Strong figures released for Q3 despite reported analyst’s fears earlier this year
  • Figures illustrate that VIP baccarat equated to 57.7% of all casino GGR

Asia’s gambling mecca Macau is enjoying a strong VIP market performance despite forecasters predicting a not so rosy picture at the end of Q2.

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Macau is enjoying a strong market performance despite earlier concerns from some analysts

Due to a slowing Chinese economy, analysts had originally warned operators to beware of a downturn in VIP revenue but figures released in a report by Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) and reported by GGRAsia, show quite the opposite.

The numbers

For the period of July – September 2017, overall Casino gross gaming revenue (or GGR for short) in Macau’s VIP baccarat market saw a rise of 35% to a total staggering GGR worth of $4.81 billion.

That represented 57.7% of all casino GGR, up 5% on the same period last year with mass-market GGR in Q3 also up by 7.4 percent year-on-year to $3.52 billion – which included slot machines.

The DICJ also highlighted in their report that the market aggregate for all casino GGR expanded by 21.8% equating to a healthy $2.7 billion.

However, this is believed to have been aided by the number of slot machines rose by 0.7% in quarter three from 16,204 to 16,310 and although that may only appear a small amount, it can deliver a great deal of income whilst the number of live dealers also saw an increase of 0.6% to 6449.

Typhoon Hato

It is important to note that the DCIJ’s report did not take into account the damage that Typhoon Hato inflicted on the area as it was believed that insurance would cover that particular gap.

In August, the deadly typhoon battered its way through Macau leaving ten dead in the process and leaving the area almost in tatters.

The Wynn Hotel Macau was left without electricity or water and the Four Seasons Hotel had to close its restaurant and casino operations for the same reason. However, despite this, Macau appears to have performed well and suffered little from the aftermath of Typhoon Hato.

How the rest of year pans out remains to be seen but for now, the future of Macau looks a lot brighter.

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