Why are Las Vegas casino ‘people movers’ being ripped out?

  • Bellagio is the latest to have moving walkway removed
  • Trend across Vegas to remove people movers to take advantage of space

The Bellagio in Las Vegas completed its removing the moving walkway from the Bellagio Skybridge, following a recent trend in city.

No longer - the Bellagio Skybridge walkway.
No longer – the Bellagio Skybridge moving walkway.

The walkway conveyed people between the hotel’s Porte Cochère and Las Vegas Boulevard, the Las Vegas Strip’s main road. The resort isn’t the first in the city to do this as a number of other Vegas resorts and hotels, including Caesars Palace and Bally’s Las Vegas, have removed theirs in recent years.

History of moving walkways in Las Vegas

Those who have been to Las Vegas before will recognise that a lot of the casinos are set quite far back from the central Las Vegas Boulevard.

The reason for this is back when the city was still growing as a tourist destination, most visitors and tourists would arrive by car, so there wasn’t so much of a need for the casinos to be right on the Boulevard.

Over the years, the city became a lot more popular and a significant proportion of the city’s visitors and tourists wouldn’t bring their car with them.

Las Vegas Boulevard, therefore, gained a lot more footfall. With casinos set quite far back from it, resort owners decided to construct moving walkways that would encourage people on Las Vegas Boulevard to visit the casinos more.

Present problems

Las Vegas has become such a huge tourist destination that the moving walkways aren’t as much of a necessity as they once were. People go to Vegas to play a few casino games and having to walk from Las Vegas Boulevard to the casino they want to play at isn’t going to stop them.

Another problem with the moving walkways is that they’re expensive both to maintain and to repair.

Future development

The removal of Bellagio’s moving walkways could be a sign of future development. Many resorts have recently decided to make the most of the space between them and Las Vegas Boulevard. Bally’s Las Vegas, for example, removed its moving walkway and constructed the Grand Bazaar Shops to capitalise on the Strips’ footfall. Mark Frissora, CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corp., wants to develop land right in front of Caesars Palace – he claims it’s currently being ‘underutilized’.

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