Las Vegas mass shooting could be ‘turning point’ for casino bosses on security measures

  • Gunman killed 59 and injured over 500 from a Las Vegas hotel window
  • Casinos likely to adopt more stringent security measures

Sunday’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas is likely to prompt a rethink on casino security among some of Las Vegas’ major operators.

Wynn Resorts - ready to proceed in Massachusetts?
Steve Wynn, of Wynn Resorts, has already spoken in the past about how Vegas is an obvious target for terror.

Last year, casino owner Steve Wynn described Las Vegas as a ‘target city’ and revealed that his organisation had introduced a wide range of security measures, which included invisible metal detectors and trained guards, all focused on preventing a large-scale attack.

And in a 2017 propaganda video from terror group ISIS, Las Vegas was one of the cities shown as a possible target for attack.

It is not clear whether such precautions could have prevented Sunday’s massacre, in which gunman Stephen Paddock murdered concertgoers from a hotel suite of the MGM Resorts-owned Mandalay Bay complex, but it is likely that the mass shooting will lead to casino operators reconsidering their opinion on casino security.

According to reporting by Reuters, one casino executive said that Sunday’s events were likely to be a turning point.

Target city

Most Las Vegas hotels already employ extensive security to protect their gambling operations, including undercover security, but speaking on KTNV last year, Wynn said that his company had installed non-visible metal detectors and devices at every doorway of its building and had invested in specially-trained guards.

To date, other casinos in the city have not followed suit, but that position may change.

In an interview on Monday, the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, A.G.Burnett, said that regulators and law enforcement officials had set up a security task force several years ago, though he admitted that they had not anticipated this kind of attack:

“We were always worried about something like this happening on the casino floor, but this was outside the casino. We will continue our efforts in speaking with Las Vegas casinos on bolstering their security.”

In response to press enquiries, both Las Vegas Sands and Caesars Entertainment Corp said their security arrangements were constantly under review, while a spokesperson for Boyd Gaming Corp, which owns the Orleans and the Gold Coast, said the company was looking into ways they could improve their security:

“We have very robust security measures in place today. However, in light of this incident we are reviewing our security measures and will heighten them as necessary.”

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