How Las Vegas’ casinos are boosting the fight against disease on British farms

  • Las Vegas’ casinos and UK farms have more in common than you think
  • Technology used in blackjack games could be vital in fighting crop disease

You would be forgiven for thinking that Las Vegas’ casinos and the UK’s farming communities don’t have too much in common, but casino experts from the USA are helping British farmers to fight diseases.

Players around a blackjack table in a casino
Vegas’ casinos are boosting the fight against disease on British farms

Septoria disease is one of the biggest concerns for British farmers and is a fungi disease that is most toxic during high levels of rainfall; infections can reduce a yield size by up to 50%. The disease is incredibly difficult to manage but some data analytics techniques used by casinos in Las Vegas could boost efforts by British farmers to help combat the disease.

US-based analytics company, Hummingbird Technologies believes its data capture methods, used in casinos, could help farmers identify Septoria disease earlier, minimising its consequences. The group’s chief executive, Will Wells told British magazine Farmers Weekly, that the technology used in Vegas’ casinos could help boost the fight against Septoria disease.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly, Mr Wells said the idea behind the technology was to observe blackjack tables in casinos in order to create algorithms that would be able to predict the length of a game. The technology was also designed to see how good a dealer was and prevent people from counting cards.

Mr Wells believes that similar technology could be used to analyse crop biomass.

“When you lift the bonnet on it, a lot of the techniques are exactly the same,”
Will Wells, Hummingbird Technologies

“The action of observing surveillance footage (data pots from fields of crops) is similar to observing a blackjack table – you are looking for very subtle discrepancies.”

This exciting development is a welcome reminder of how technological advances within casinos can not only benefit players but also help inform research across the world.

We reckon this is more than enough to silence the critics who tell you that you’re wasting your time when trying your luck in casinos. After all, it isn’t everyday your game has helped to boost the fight against one of the biggest challenges faced by British agricultural.

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