These land-based casinos will take your breath away

  • Take a look at some of the most spectacular casinos in the world
  • They feature chandeliers, gold, thousands of gaming tables and swimming pools in the sky

Online casinos have come a long way in recent years, with the best sites offering live gaming experiences that present a convincing simulation of the real thing.

No matter how user-friendly their interface or how smartly attired their dealers, however, they can’t compare to the sensation of walking into a bricks and mortar casino and tossing some real chips onto the felt.

To describe the following casinos as bricks and mortar is doing them a disservice though: they’re more gold leaf and red carpet. Casinos aren’t known for being the most understated of buildings, but even by the lofty standards of modern resorts, the following premises present the last word in opulence and overstated luxury.

Wynn, Las Vegas

hotels to blow your mind
A theatre, indoor garden, pools and – of course – plenty of casino action can all be found at The Wynn, Las Vegas. Photo: Wynn Resorts

The Wynn isn’t just the largest casino in Vegas – it’s also one of the most beautiful. Sitting on the site of the former Desert Inn casino, the Wynn had a lot to live up to and thankfully it delivers in spades.

With a theatre, indoor garden and a pool with multiple bridges and walkways running across it, the Wynn is a truly amazing sight to behold.

It’s not just about the looks at the Wynn either, as poker tournaments are run daily with a jackpot on Sundays and Fridays of $10,000, rising to a cool $25,000 on Saturdays. Now that’s something to really get excited about.

Marina Bay, Singapore

casinos blow your mind
Marina Bay Sands’ incredible architecture dominates the Singapore night sky

Even amongst the company of the most beautiful and spectacular casinos in the world, the Marina Bay in Singapore is still a breathtaking prospect.

Composed of three towers which support a rooftop infinity pool, the Marina Sands dominates the Singapore skyline for miles around. With 1,600 slot machines and 500 tables, you may find it difficult to haul yourself away, but for those who manage, there’s always the prospect of exploring the shopping mall on boat via the system of indoor canals.

The Venetian, Macao

spectacular casinos venetian macau
Venice comes to Macau – as does an enormous 10,500,000 square feet of prime casino resort. Photo: The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel/Wikimedia Commons

The Venetian in Macao is the largest casino in the world measuring 10,500,000 square foot. The great hall is a huge multi-level open space decorated in gold and white and features curved escalators which look nothing short of spectacular.

The resort casino also plays host to sporting events and has a huge range of shops and services to offer visitors. If of course you’d rather focus on gambling, the 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables at the Venetian mean you’ll never be short of a place to make a bet.

Casino de Monte, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino best casinos
It’s a casino, it’s in Monte Carlo and James Bond played there. What more do you need to know? Photo: Monte-Carlo Casino/Wikimedia Commons/Sam Garza

Think high roofs, think chandeliers, think everything covered in gold. The Casino de Monte has the kind of stylings that would make even a royal blush.

It may not be one of the largest casinos in the world but what it lacks in size it surely makes up for in sheer excess. James Bond fans may also remember it as the setting of the first novel, Casino Royale, a title which the Casino de Monte truly lives up to

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