The land-based casino comp hacks that you need to know

  • Learn how to claim your share of freebies
  • Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

Free stuff, or comps, are what we are all after but getting them however is not always so easy.

Here we look at some of the best ways to get comps from land-based casinos and what it’s really all about. Spoilers: ‘free’ is a loaded term at casinos.

The basics

Casinos offer things like free drinks and snacks and other perks in order to keep you playing. Take them, but stick to your budget. Picture: ThinkStock.
Casinos offer things like free drinks and snacks and other perks in order to keep you playing. Picture: ThinkStock.

Complimentary drinks, promotions and other perks tend to be offered to two main types of player: big winners and big losers, which in many ways are two sides of the same coin – especially for regular gamblers.

If you are a high roller you can expect to get more than most, but high rollers don’t get all that free stuff for free.

Never look to the high rollers with envy, for those comps are more than absorbed by the money they’re spending.

The other type of players who regularly receives offers and promotions are regulars. Vouchers, free bets, free spins and so on keep the regulars coming through the door and keep casinos ticking over. Yes, they do get free stuff, but just enough to tempt them in, so these comps may feel a little underwhelming.

Can we make this more exciting?

steve wynn las vegas
Some of the best comps up for grabs in Vegas are at the Wynn.

In Las Vegas, free offers and complementaries have become an art. The floor often serves free drinks to keep gamblers in situ and feeling loose. Some of the best free drinks in Vegas are served at the Wynn.

The key is to catch the eye of a waiter and waitress and tip accordingly. Yes, to get the most free drinks you need to spend money in the form of tips, but for $1 or $2 you’ll can get very well refreshed.

If you have been playing any game for more than a few hours it may be time to ask whether the casino will offer you a complimentary meal.

A few hours at $25 blackjack should more than see you into that valued customer zone which suggests you might be worth it.

They won’t want you going anywhere else in search of a meal or anything else and a meal for two at the casino restaurant might cost you $30 but it doesn’t cost the casino that much to keep you.

Dream bigger

If you want to get really serious and meal vouchers and a few free bets isn’t going to cut it, you really need to do your homework. What might put you in the valued customer bracket for one casino might not register in another.

To get the really good stuff your best chance is to bet in one casino only. This pushes up your daily average and makes it much more likely you’ll hit that golden zone.

If you’re good at staying in control then buy more chips than you really need to game the system. This won’t work as a strategy if you’re not gambling at all, but it may suggest to the pit boss that you intend to spend a little more than you really do.

If it is a free room you’re looking for then you’ll probably have more luck on a return visit than on your first.

Again, free rooms and reduced room rates are more likely to be offered to those who’ve stayed in one casino and gambled before. Think of free stuff as your loyalty bonus, and since you’ve earned it, never be too shy to ask for it.

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