Konami’s ‘Fortune Cup’ virtual racetrack is headed to Las Vegas’ casinos

  • Simulated betting track offers realistic race experience
  • Expected at Vegas casinos MGM Grand and The Venetian

Konami’s state of the art horse race simulation game is heading to Las Vegas, reports EDGeVegas.com, and the first venues to host the game will be The Venetian and MGM Grand.

Konami’s Fortune Cup
Konami’s ‘Fortune Cup’ virtual racetrack is heading to Las Vegas’ casinos

Fortune Cup is an advanced table racetrack game which allows players to bet on the victor of a series of races, and it has proved very popular in Asian land-based casinos since its 2016 launch at GE2 Asia in 2016.

Sin City players will be able to try the game for themselves when it hits casino floors later this year.

Realistic horse race simulator

Fortune Cup is a twist on an arcade classic, featuring a long track with dynamic horse models which race to the finish line using complicated predetermined algorithms, with players paid for a straight win or a two-way place win.

Unlike older arcade games, this race simulator uses cutting edge technology to ensure the horses match their posted odds and to give a realistic outcome based on each competitor’s abilities.

Race lengths can be altered, and the horses can run straight, lap and figure 8 courses as preferred.

The Konami simulator also includes a video screen with high definition graphics and crisp, clear audio, so you can watch the race unfold.

The simulated video follows the same programming as the randomly generated magnetic course, ensuring that the results sync up. Bets are paid automatically at the end of each race, and players can bet on a straight win, on an each-way place or on a double pick.

Exciting bonus jackpots

Fortune Cup players are paid according to the fixed odds for their selected horse, and bet must fall within the permitted range.

The maximum payout is around 10x the starting bet. However, the game also includes a series of jackpots, of varying sizes, which appear to be triggered at random during play.

The progressive jackpots come in three different sizes, and have been seen to reach upwards of $10,000 before paying out.

These bonuses have proved popular with Fortune Cup’s international fans, and Vegas gamblers are sure to enjoy the excitement of this game when it launches on the Strip in the coming weeks.

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