Konami wants to get people dancing on the casino floor with Beat Square skill game

  • Game company will reveal new titles including music game
  • Skill-based and multi-platform games at heart of exhibition

Konami’s new ‘rhythmic dexterity’ game for casinos, Beat Square, will be unveiled this week as the game developer heads to annual gaming tech showcase G2E – the Global Gaming Expo this week.

Beat Square is an innovative skill-based game that asks players to match rhythms to win prizes, and it first appeared last year at Konami’s 2016 G2E stall.

This year, the game has been sharpened up and is ready for the market, and perhaps taps into some of the popularity of games console dance games like Just Dance.

Beat matching game offers prizes for points

The concept behind Beat Square is relatively simple – but as any fan of Tetris or Snake will tell you, the simple games are sometimes the most engaging.

Players simply follow the directions on the screen, hitting the squares on the touch screen as indicated – and in time with the music.

The game features a hip, cool soundtrack with levels that suit the player’s ability, and higher scores on harder levels mean bigger prizes at the end of the game.

Fans of Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band and Guitar Hero will recognize the format of this game, which requires great hand-eye coordination from the player along with a better-than-average sense of rhythm.

For people who want something different from a casino experience, other than its traditional games, Beat Square is an intriguing casino game to add to the mix.

Two game modes include challenge option

The game concept for Beat Square includes solo and tournament modes, so players can take on the computer or go up against one to three opponents. Tournament mode brings eSports to the casino floor, and Beat Square represents Konami’s plan to create multi-station gaming that could appeal to the tricky millennial generation used to immersive console-style gameplay.

“At G2E 2017 Konami is showcasing a suite of captivating gaming options that welcome players to play on and enjoy the full experience each casino has to offer,” said the brand’s senior director of product management Steve Walther.

“Players and operators are looking for new entertainment that is not only unique, but also has the substance to sustain excitement.”

In addition to Beat Square, Konami’s G2E showcase will feature skill-based games Frogger: Get Hoppin’ and Crystal Cyclone.

The brand will also be putting its SYNKROS casino management system on display, and discussing innovations in casino design. G2E opens today (Monday) in Las Vegas, running until October 5.

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