Paranoid, obsessive and the ‘king of microaggression’ – more accounts of the personality of Stephen Paddock

  • Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock may have suffered from depression and believed in conspiracy theories
  • But a former friend claims he was laid-back and even-keeled

As US investigators search for the motive for Stephen Paddock’s murderous assault in Las Vegas, a conflicting picture of his personality has emerged.

WATCH: “I get it, we all want answers”, says Las Vegas police department

Police now believe that he drove into the desert on the Friday before the shooting to an area near to his home, known to be used for target practice. On the day before he was seen driving into the desert, he checked into a 32nd-story room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and over several days brought over 20 weapons into his room.

King of micro-aggression

The retired accountant lived with girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who has told reporters that he was a kind, quiet person.

But according to NBC news she has also said that he would sometimes scream and moan to himself in his sleep. Reports in the Los Angeles Times allege that he had started taking anti-anxiety medication, and that he had also told a car dealer in Reno that he was experiencing depression and having relationship problems.

Paddock’s brother Eric has also described him as “the king of microaggression,” and claimed that he frequently carried a cigar for the purpose of blowing smoke in people’s faces.

Bad blood

According to the Daily Mail, a Las Vegas prostitute, hired by Paddock, has claimed that they had violent sex session and that Paddock bragged that he had ‘bad blood’ on account of his father, who at one time was on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

The anonymous woman claimed that they would spend hours drinking and gambling at Las Vegas casinos and described Paddock as ‘paranoid’ and ‘obsessive’; often talking at length about conspiracy theories. Investigation officials have confirmed that Paddock may have hired an escort days before the massacre.

Stephen Paddock was a casino regular
What drove Stephen Paddock to commit such a heinous act? Police don’t know – and what the media has dug up has led to no greater clarity.

But Lisa Crawford, who was Paddock’s property manager between 2006 and 2012 described him as a relaxed, normal person, who was cool to hang out with and made people laugh.

She said that the news of the mass shooting had led her to have an emotional breakdown.

“I just think there’s more to it, personally. I just think there’s more out there that needs to be found,” she said.

She even speculated that some change in his brain, such as a tumor or similar, may have occurred given the apparent unfathomable change from a ‘laid-back goofball’ to a mass murderer.

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