Key reasons why online casinos suit ‘millennials’ more than land-based

Every day a new batch of customers are choosing to play on online casinos, having never, or not recently at least, set foot in a land-based equivalent. One such group is the millennial generation.

Millennials prefer online casinos
There are many reasons why online casinos suit the millennial generation

Some argue that this does not effect the land-based venues because their offering is sufficiently different. Others suggest younger generations are less attracted to the the classic casino floor.

But here’s some of the reasons why the current 20 and 30-somethings might be choosing to ‘log-in’, rather than ‘walk in’ to their favorite casinos.

1. They are accustomed to technology

Millennial generation wants more from online casinos
The video game generation wants more from a casino game. Picture: Thinkstock

Millennials have grown up jumping from their Playstation, to their laptop, to their tablet and then to their smartphone. This is a generation of people who were born in the late 80s and early 90s and developed around technology. They are unafraid to work, play and socialise online.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that they are choosing to play casino games online too.

Obviously these folks are going to be more inclined to hop on the technology bandwagon, rather than stick with traditional bricks and mortar casinos.

2. Skill based games preferred

It has been proven that this generation prefer skill based games, rather than ones based on pure chance. There is a far greater variety of these sort of games online and sourcing these games is far easier there.

It is also easier to analyse the skill of your opponents, thus it is theoretically easier to make money.

The trend for gamification, in other words, adding video game-like elements into online casino games, particularly slot-style games, has also been a hot industry topic. Casinopedia looked specifically at this trend this week.

3. A busier lifestyle

Many of this generation are hitting the biggest and most important years in their careers, or starting families. These periods of our lives are unbelievably busy, thus making it much more difficult to go to actual real casinos.

However, spending a few hours each week playing some fun games or slots on your smart device isn’t an issue. It is something you can do while the baby is napping, or on your break from work – basically, virtual casinos fit into people’s busy lifestyles, while land based ones don’t.

4. Gameplay and graphics

As previously stated, this generation grew up with technology and with video games. Therefore, they are not willing to tolerate bad graphics from slots and poor gameplay on outdated machines.

The latest and greatest in this avenue is more readily available from virtual casinos. Many online casinos are becoming more and more advanced in this area, to the point at which they can begin to challenge video games.

5. Trends

Unfortunately for real world casinos, it has become far more fashionable for millennials to use apps on their smartphones, than it is to visit their premises. Real world casinos have lost some of the allure they once held, because an alternative is available 24 hours a day in the palm of users’ hands.

Not so fast. Land-based casinos have still got a few tricks up their sleeves

Some land-based casinos are beginning to cotton on to what the new generation really wants. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas has recently launched Level Up, a relaxed and chilled environment for younger adults to hang out, including skill-based games, cool bars and even a golf simulator.

And new skill-based slot-style games are finding their way into land-based casinos too – recently with DangerArena in Atlantic City.

It remains to be seen who can win the battle to court this new generation, but as millions get poured into building new casinos every month – certainly those the with cash are not banking on a land-based casino plummet any time soon.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not Casinopedia

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