KamaGames announces social casino update

  • Player versus player tournament update for Roulettist
  • Range of new modes for Pokerist game

Renowned social casino game developer KamaGames Group has announced a major update to its roster of popular social casino titles.

Pokerist by KamaGames
Pokerist by KamaGames

According to the company, this new update will enhance the competitive elements of Roulettist, (A roulette-style game) one of its most popular casino games, as well as offering players more chances to win chips through a new daily Player versus Player (PVP) tournament structure, which gives players the opportunity to compete to earn trophies, unlock achievements, and win up to 35 million chips in every tournament they join.

Along with the Roulettist update, KamaGames will also be updating their most well-known title, Pokerist, which in 2012 was named as one of the Best Apps of the year by Apple and was the number one top grossing App on the Apple App store in 89 nations.

Innovative new modes

The Pokerist update will include a number of innovative new modes which will enhance the playing experience, including U-Turn Party mode, in which one of the table cards will randomly change up after the fourth card is dealt and Swap Party which enables players to choose one of their hole cards to pass to the player on the left.

Among the other new modes are 3-Card Party, which gives players three hole cards, only two of which are visible initially; Joker Party, which adds four Jokers that transform into the strongest possible card in the context of a player’s hand and 10 to Ace, which is a challenging two-deck game for five players using only face cards.

Along with the changes to gameplay, KamaGames has also introduced an in-game news feed that will make it easier for the company to talk to their player community and bring them the latest news on sales, updates and tournaments.

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