Japanese Pachinko Parlours to be hit hard by New Regulation

Pachinko parlours have been the number one gambling associated game in Japan for a long time. However, recently the sector has been suffering a decline due to ageing clientele and strict regulations. Mind-blowing amounts are spent on the game yearly but business hasn’t been as good in the last couple of months.

The first time the decline really showed was when Japan decided to open the door for the casino sector by creating integrated casino resorts. Many believe that this casino expansion will boost the gambling participation rates and improve the whole gambling sector and they are most likely correct. Statistics have shown that while the expansion of the gambling sector had a small effect, the real decline came from the new Pachinko restrictions in 2018.

These new regulations were aimed at the gambling sector in order to control the upcoming casino expansion. However, it was recently shown that the regulations also affected the Pachinko sector. New rules were set in place and Pachinko parlours have to abide by them. They are now required to cut their payouts. This means that it will be harder for players to generate winnings and losses. The new rules and regulations will definitely have an effect on making the game less addictive. On the other hand, it will certainly make Pachinko less attractive.

Owners of establishments that have Pachinko machines have claimed that the main reason why the ban on casino gambling was lifted was for fresh money to the regional finances. Nevertheless, they didn’t expect that their sector would be the one suffering the most.

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