Jamie Foxx’s Sleepless film takes us into Las Vegas gambling underbelly

  • Action-filled movie largely set inside underground casinos of Las Vegas
  • The story of high risks, high rewards, and two guys who bit off more than they could chew

It’s not hard to understand why so many films and filmmakers have been inspired by Las Vegas. After all, this city stands for everything most people dream about, even if they don’t dare say it out loud.

Sleepless is another movie revolving around the high-stakes life of Las Vegas, featuring classic, but never dull setup with mob-run casinos, drug dealers, and a couple of guys who seemingly bit off more than they could chew.

After robbing a cocaine shipment belonging to the powerful local mobster, two Las Vegas police officers, Vincent Downs and Sean Cass, played by Jamie Fox and T.I, have to find their way out of the dodge after Vincent’s son Thomas is kidnaped by the mob.

Key scenes set in a casino

Although Sleepless was released in January for the US viewers, it just hit the UK and European cinemas. It suffices to say, as you’d expect, from the moment of kidnaping, things become increasingly complicated, with the web of lies and intrigue slowly untangling, culminating in an action-packed finish.

What catches the attention is the fact the mobsters pulling strings are underground casino owners, apart from their drug business. This will take Vincent inside the world of high-stakes gamblers, with the mix of danger and thrill that can hardly be found anywhere outside of an establishment like this.

One of the behind the scenes pieces of footage shows Fox stunt double crash the party with his car, driving it straight inside the casino at high speed, with glass shattering and patrons jumping out of their seats looking to avoid the incoming menace. This gives a pretty good feel for the kind of action you can expect to find in Sleepless.

Never-ending inspiration

The Las Vegas lifestyle, with its range of casinos, high rollers, a potentially seedy underbelly, and resourceful locals who know how to take the best of what city has to offer will never cease to inspire writers and filmmakers.

The magic of the Sin City, which combines the elements of risks, possibilities, danger, and ultimate pleasure, will always make a great material for the big screens.

For a couple of hours, Sleepless takes you inside a version of that world and lets you be a part of it, even if from afar.

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