James Bond Returns in 2019: Will Daniel Craig be Back in the Casino?

  • New James Bond movie announced for 2019, but details remain mystery at the moment
  • Will we see more high stakes gambling and fancy casinos when 007 returns?

MGM Studios and Eon Productions have announced that a new James Bond movie, the 25th in the series, will be hitting the big screen in November of 2019.

The movie plot remains a mystery at this point in time, and it is still uncertain if Daniel Craig will be back to play 007 for the fifth time, although rumors have it that the latter part is basically a done deal.

As for us, being Casinopedia and all, we are particularly interested in just how much of a role will gambling play in the next Bond installment.

Over the years, casinos have had a central role in quite a few Bond movies, including the one that introduced us to Craig as a successor to Pierce Brosnan, 2006 Casino Royale and we are hopeful to see Bond calling the villain’s bluff again this time round.

james bond casino royale

The best of Craig’s Casino Scenes

People often disagree if Casino Royale is a good movie or not. The directors and writers probably went too far trying to shock the audience, so some scenes are really hard to believe.

But it’s a Bond movie after all, so we’d expect nothing less. And, whether you find them hard to believe or not, Daniel Craig has had a few really memorable land-based casino scenes that will be remembered for some time.

Casino Royale Final Hand

Although it comes near the end of the movie, this is definitely the most remembered scene from Casino Royale. Our favorite secret agent, the super villain, and a few others are playing a game of poker with $1,000,000 big blind.

On the river, with $24,000,000 already in the pot (which is really nothing with $1,000,000 big blind, but okay), everybody goes crazy moving all in. The pot swells to $150 million.

Le Chiffre, the main villain, has a full house, but even without seeing the showdown, we know it’s no good, as this is the final hand and 007 must win. So, naturally, he turns over the straight flush with 5-7 of spades and wins all the money.

Regardless of how incredible the hand is and the fact that some people are clearly playing with stacks of a 10 big blinds or so, it is still fairly exciting, especially if you aren’t all that hung up on details.

Intense All-In Moment

Prior to all the shenanigans with the one million big blind, the game was actually more sensible ($50k/$100k blinds), which is probably why people don’t remember this particular hand as much. With the board showing two kings, two jacks, and an ace, Craig finds himself holding Ace King for what is the second nuts at the moment.

After some betting and raising, Le Chiffre decides to go for a huge over-bet, putting all of his chips in the middle and putting Bond to a real test. Unfortunately, our hero is misled to believe he has a tell on Le Chiffre and decides to make the call, only to be shown quad Jacks.

It was a “back to the drawing board” moment for Mr. Bond, but this hand looks much more like an actual poker hand, even if it is a huge cooler.


James Bond, beautiful ladies, and high stakes gambling go hand in hand, and we really hope the next movie, whichever it may be, will feature at least one or two interesting casino scenes. Even if the directors don’t get all the details just right, seeing 007 in high-pressure gambling moments adds to the magic, especially for all of us who love gambling as it is.

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