Poker player Jake Cody wins $60,000 prize – then gambles it all on black

  • Jake Cody puts his poker winnings on black
  • Top UK poker player in huge gamble with $60,000 winnings

UK poker champ Jake Cody topped off a winning performance at UK Poker Championships by brazenly throwing his $60,000 prize pot at the roulette table in the hope of doubling his money.

Before giving away the answer on how he did, the video from the Poker News website is below. Warning, contains strong language.

The intense video shows various handshakes, crossed fingers and nervous energy before the crowd goes wild as the ball settles on black, doubling Cody’s money to $120,000.

After an initial discussion on who should spin the wheel, there were handshakes all round as the ball was set in motion.

Cue pandemonium when the ball settled on the black tile, as hugs, backslaps and wild cheering ensued.

Who is Jake Cody?

Jake Cody is an experienced UK poker player who is 10th on the All Time UK poker list, with a career earnings of $4.4 million, according to the Hendon Mob Poker Database.

The video, which has been watched by 13,000 people, was taken at the Dusk til Dawn casino in Nottingham, and took place after Cody landed a near $60,000 poker prize for a £2,200 high roller pot.

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