Italy moving towards expanding its online casino market

  • Italy could soon open license applications for online casino operators 
  • A reported 120 online casino licenses could become available at the end of the month

Italy will reportedly soon open applications for online casino licenses to potential operators in the region as part of plans to expand its online casino market.

Italy online casino

The Italian Government first decided back in 2015 that it would award 120 new online gaming licenses to operators, and it appears that the call for applications will soon open.

Information about how the application process will work is still very limited but it is believed that the process could take place between the 18th-25th of September.

New gaming licenses

A reported 120 new online gaming licenses will be available to operators but it is believed that 40 of these will be awarded to already existing stakeholders in Italy’s online gambling market.

Operators seeking to gain a license will be given two months to prepare applications and should they be successful, will cost them 200 million euros.

The awarding of new licenses marks a significant expansion for Italy’s online gambling market, with casino, poker, sports and even bingo online operators seeking to start business in Italy.

Successful companies will reportedly be given their license right through until the end of 2022.

Further success for Italy’s online casino market?

Italy’s online market has already proven to be very prosperous in recent times, generating revenue of over 1 billion euros just last year, a year-on-year increase of 25%.

The largest contributor to this impressive revenue total was online casino betting, which generated nearly half of the overall amount.

Sports betting also contributed significantly however, generating around 350 million euros in revenue. This large online gambling income has led Italy to become Europe’s second biggest online casino market, proving hugely popular with punters as it continues expand.

Online poker revenue however dropped 10% year-on-year, calling into question its future in the country.

Italy now operate a shared liquidity agreement with France, Spain and Portugal in an effort to boost online poker. It is now hoped that Italy’s new online casino expansion will offer much needed help to its online poker market and will help continue the success of online sports and casino betting.

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