Irish Bookmakers Considering Gambling Advertising Restrictions

Irish president, Michal D. Higgins recently proposed that extra measures should be put in place when it comes to restricting gambling advertising in sports. However, Irish bookmakers were fast to respond and claimed that the president’s statement is wrong.

Sharon Byrne, the Chair of the IBA (Irish Bookmakers Association), noted that they are taking care of possible gambling-related problems themselves. She added that most people look at gambling as a form of pastime activity so it should be treated as such. Ms. Byrne was adamant that stricter gambling regulations are not needed in that area because the whole sector has been known to be very responsible. There are several services that make sure every individual is informed about the possible consequences which come from those services.

All in all, the IBA believe the statements made previously by President Higgins are unfounded. Earlier this week, he talked about the possible impact that gambling could have on vulnerable members of the public. He added that he believes the gambling industry should stay away from sporting events when they promote their services.

RTE Radio was the place where the president had an interview and discussed his views on gambling. In the end, he noted that he would do anything in his power to restrict gambling operators’ access in the sports advertisement field. Nevertheless, he can’t affect these matters directly which is why the IBA responded almost instantly, claiming that they are one of the most responsible sectors out there.

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