Investor in place as Crimea casino zone continues to take shape as 2019 date pencilled in

  • Plan to make region the Las Vegas of the Black Sea
  • Investor in place as casino development takes shape

Russia’s Tass news agency is reporting that Crimea’s much vaunted casino haven is due to be ready for business in 2019.

Crimean head Sergey Aksenov told reporters that September of that year would be the time when the gambling zone would be operational.

The Crimean Prime Minister's plan for the newly created republic could see a 'Las Vegas of the Black Sea'
The Crimean Prime Minister’s plan for the newly created republic could see a ‘Las Vegas of the Black Sea’

A working group has already started working on possible sites for the Las Vegas of Crimea, with one reportedly already targeted. All findings are due to be back in by February 1.

Casinopedia reported last may that Crimea was planned to be a Vegas or Macau of the Black Sea.

The region, which is looking to be self-sufficient – or at least less reliant on subsidy from Moscow, has turned to casinos for a source or reliable income – and the idea now appears to be coming to fruition.

When is it happening?

There is apparently an investor now on board, though that investor has not been named.

It is expected that there may be some red tape to negotiate, but the expansion of casinos in the territory has the backing of the authorities.

Parts of Crimea are already popular with tourists, and the gambling zone will be set up with the intention of bringing in foreign visitors who may not want to travel all the way to places like Macau and Las Vegas.

The investor is reportedly prepared to put in $141 million dollars in to the gambling zone. This is relatively small fry at this stage when considering the City of Dreams complex in Macau is widely reported to have cost $2.4 billion.

Way back in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed in a law to allow a gambling zone in the region.

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