Indian student arrested after raid on illegal Bangalore casino den

  • Biotech student formed a gang to rob illegal gambling dens
  • Gang caught when they raided a wine store in Bagaluru

An Indian student was arrested by police in Bagaluru, Bangalore, on Saturday after a raid on an illegal casino den and the robbery of a local wine store.

Bangalore Police Service
Bangalore Police Service who raided an illegal casino den

According to a report in the, the student had taken part in several raids during the course of his college career, in order to raise sufficient funds to pay his tuition fees.

The arrest took place after he had led a group of ten friends in an attack on a house facility last month. Eight members of the gang have now been arrested, though two are on the run.

Life of crime

According to reports by the police, the student – who has been identified as 20-year-old Sindhanuru Raja Srinivasa Rao – lived in Sri Nagar and was studying at a private college.

It is reported that, having spent all of his money early in the school year, he decided to pursue a life of crime in order to fun his education.

It is reported that with the assistance of a roommate known as Manju he formed a small gang of friends and acquaintances and began to target the illegal gambling dens that operate on the edge of the city.

According to the police, who suspect that Rao was involved in a string of these attacks, the gang focused on illegal gambling premises, assuming that the victims would not go to the police to register a complaint.

Their crime spree came to an end on August 27 when they attempted to raid a gambling den, but found that there were more than 50 people on the premises.

It is reported that, realising they were outnumbered, the gang left, but on the way home attacked a new wine store, assaulting the manager of the store, ransacking the place and escaping with several thousand in cash.

Unfortunately for the gang, the store had a security system and when the store owner brought the CCTV footage to the police, they were able to identify one of the gang, who has outstanding cases pending, and he led them to Rao.

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