Want to improve your chances when playing slots? Try these tips

You know the drill with slots – pretty much all of what happens is down to the luck of the draw, or spin in this case. You also know that the unpredictability of online slots, with massive wins from small bets possible as well as huge losses in a short timeframe, are what make them so exciting to play.

Slot games are powered by a random number generator. That means that every spin is completely unique and could be one of thousands of different outcomes or possibilities. You can’t cheat a random number generator. Or, rather annoyingly, you can’t really find ways around it in order to maximise your chances. It is what it is, and it does what it does.

Five of the simplest slots you can spin today.

That being said, there’s always ways in which you can improve your gameplay in any game. By playing just that little bit smarter its possible to cut down on those big losses and make the reels work as best as they can for you.

Understand variance

There’s a huge difference between slots and how they pay out. Some will reward you with lots of regular wins, but they’re mostly on the smaller side. Some, on the other hand, payout huge jackpots but make you work hard to get them. How that risk (your money) and reward (payout) is determined is known as variance.

If you want to win, and to do it on your terms, it’s an import thing to know. If, for example, your bankroll is limited then you’re better off playing slots that have a low to mid variance because the payouts will come at a steady rate. If you’re a high stakes player and you’re chasing the jackpot then you should choose slots with a high variance.

Don’t be afraid of adjusting the bet size

Most slots let you adjust your bet with the coin size/amount or the active paylines in play. In short, the more lines that you have active the better are your chances of winning, including gaining a number of wins over different paylines.

When it comes to coin size, and how long you want to bet for it can be helpful to have a limit and stick to it. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. But in the heat of the action it’s easy to get carried away – and that’s when people can lose everything they own, including their loved ones, and why gambling destroys so many lives.

Never get caught in a cycle of chasing any losses you experience. Rather, set whatever limit you feel is right for how you wish to play and quite while you’re ahead if it isn’t going anywhere.

What about strategy?

There’s strategies for a load of casino games, so what about slots? Well, because they’re random betting strategies are much less effective but there are still a few things to consider.

Slots strategy

For example, there are some players that talk about the One Play system. This involves making a single bet at max value and then hitting up a new game. It’s a strategy best suited to high rollers – how many max value bets can you make after all? There’s also the standard deviation method. This revolves around figuring out the average time between winning spins and suiting your bet to that. Again, it’s not foolproof and doesn’t guarantee you a win.

Read the reviews

Most of the above is common sense, or can be easily picked up but if you’re in doubt there’s a good way to start: read the slot reviews and try out a few games in demo mode. Reviews will give you information about how a slot plays, the RTP you can expect and more, giving you a better idea of how to spend your money.

There’s no sure-fire way to win at slots, but with a little prep and some good background knowledge you can certainly give yourself the best chance.

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