Has IGT successfully spiced up video poker with its new Flip and Pay format?

  • IGT’s Flip & Pay feature increases chances for big video poker wins
  • The feature works by flipping one card in a hand one rank up or down to create a higher value hand

Alongside slot machines, video poker, in its many variations, is in the group of most-played games on casino floors of land-based venues and on the sites of online casinos alike.

Although the payout structures differ for different game versions, video poker has been essentially the same for a long time, so IGT, one of the leading casino games developers, has decided to spice things up with their Flip & Pay feature.

Same game, more action

IGT’s invention is available on traditional Five Play, Ten Play, and Three play poker machines, but players can also enjoy Flip & Pay on good, old single-hand versions.

The idea is to provide players with more action and more winning chances, while all the rules and strategies for a particular game variation still apply.

To trigger the Flip & Pay feature, the player needs to pay a bonus fee, which is equal to his total bet amount.

What this feature does is as follows:

  • One card at a random position will flip after the deal
  • The flipped card will produce a hand of greater value than the value of the original hand
  • Cards can flip one rank up or down in value, but suits don’t change
  • The original card is placed back in the deck after the flip
  • Players can choose to un-flip the card and hold onto the original

Although it costs extra to turn on the Flip & Pay feature, enabling it will also usually boost the payouts for the highest combinations such as straight and royal flush.


The Flip & Pay feature certainly adds excitement to traditional video poker and creates more chances to win big.

The exact math of the feature is a bit too complicated to break it all down here, but the RTP still remains quite high, as you’d expect from a video poker game (97.67% for Jacks or Better, 98.25% for Bonus Poker.)

If you enjoy video poker as it is, then trying a machine with Flip & Pay option will certainly help spice up the action and create some excitement.

The best way to judge any game is to try it for yourself and see if it is to your liking, and you can even test Flip & Pay video poker for free at many sites before you decide to commit any hard-earned money.

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