Going wild: all you need to know about wild symbols in slots

  • Know your wilds, know your slots – and be prepped for some potentially big wins too
  • See why we’re wild about wilds and learn how to best use this slot symbol

You probably know that wilds in slots are a good thing, but how exactly do they benefit you in the long run? Usually, the wild symbol appears as a key character or aspect of the theme of the slot, and if a sequence fall into the right place they’ll earn you some extra coins.

Starburst Wild Symbols
It’s worth checking out a game’s pay table before you start to get the lowdown on just what wilds can offer

But knowing how wilds work and the most popular varieties can be beneficial to you as part of your personal online slot strategy.

Wilds stay on duty while the other guys take a day off

Wilds basically work as a substitute for other symbols in the game. Let’s say we’re playing on a slot that uses an Egyptian theme. Usually in a themed slot, the wild symbol will be a powerful figure in regards to the theme.

So in the case of an Egyptian slot, the wild might be the pharaoh. If the slot rewards you with a payout of 100 coins for three pyramids, and you get two pyramids and one pharoah on a payline, then you’ll still earn those 100 coins since the pharaoh is acting as if it were one of the pyramids in this particular spin.

In some slots, the wild card might even act as a multiplier, which means it carries an additional value; so in the previously used example, the Pharaoh symbol would double your payout and award you with 200 coins.

Mega Fortune Wild Symbols
Play your wilds right and you can take home so big wins

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Wilds are great, but you can’t always rely on them to give you the last winning symbol on the payline. Wilds almost never replace bonus symbols, so that means you can’t expect them to help you out getting those free spins.

They don’t usually substitute for scatter symbols either, and you probably won’t find them counting for any other bonus games. In some slots, the wilds don’t make an appearance on every reel, but rather only show up on reels 1, 3, and 5, for instance. If you’re not sure, you can always check the slot’s paytable, which usually details how the wild symbol works in that specific game.

Wilds gone wild

There are also a few special kinds of wilds, such as stacked, sticky and expanding wilds. These can be extra fun both visually and for your wallet.

Starburst Wild Pay Table
There’s plenty of info out there on how best to use your wild symbols

Sticky wilds will stay in one place during the course of many spins. Expanding wilds expand from just one wild symbol to fill the whole reel, giving you plenty of chances for a winning combination. Stacked wilds appear in groups of two or more and also may cover an entire reel, like the expanding wilds. These kinds of wilds may only appear online during a bonus game or free spins round, but they’re obviously a great source of thrills when you come across them.

Generally, a wild symbol is a good thing to watch out for when you check out a slot review or paytable, as they can multiply not just your chances of landing on a winning combination, but can also double or triple your actual winnings if the wild functions as a multiplier. They do appear completely at random, so they can’t always be counted on.

Checking out a game’s variance or RTP will also give you an idea of what kind of odds any given slot will have in your favour, so keep those things in mind as well when choosing to gamble with real money.

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