How to play slots at online casinos, properly

  • The best hints and tips to maximise your chances of coming away a winner from the slot machine
  • We look at some of the best return to player rates and online casino bonuses

Slots are one of the most popular casino games on the planet and make up over 85% of casino floors in Las Vegas.

It is not just land-based casinos where slot games are popular, online casino players are just as likely to spin slots; with some new slot games being specially designed for mobile casino players.

With slots so popular we have taken a look at some tips that the pros won’t tell you, to maximise your chances of winning on the at the slot machines both online and in land-based casinos.

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Our top tips for winning more on slots both at online casinos and land-based casinos.

Know your RTP

Every slot game has something called a return to player (RTP) rate. Learning what this means is vital to ensuring you give yourself the best possible chance of coming away with a profit.

The RTP determines the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time.
For example, if you make a hundred $1 bets on a machine on which the RTP is 90%, you might expect to get back about $90 in wins.

Each slot game has a different RTP and seeking those games that have a higher percentage will only enhance your chances of winning.

Good percentage pay-outs to look out for ones that pay up a healthy 97%. NetEnt’s Mega Joker slot game has a whopping 99% RTP whilst other impressive games include Rival’s Cosmic Quest – Mystery Planet with a 98.95% and another NetEnt title Jackpot 6000 which has an RTP of 98.68%.

However, with the best comes the worst and slots to avoid with the worst RTP are ones such as Win Mill with a 85.88% RTP, Ice Picks with a 88.37% and Wow Pot with a 89% RTP.

With some of these games there is over a 10% better chance of winning which is why getting to know an RTP of slot games is a sure-fire way to maximise your chances of winning.

Three Reel Slots

In this day and age, slot games are often designed with graphics so in-depth they can rival a feature film.

This is no bad things as the added entertainment factor and appeal of the games are greatly enhanced, however, sometimes the real winning value to the player can be lost.

Quite often, the simpler the better, as classic three-reel slots have some of best bonuses and very solid pay-outs.

However, that is not to say do not play five-reel slots, but the important thing to remember is to play all lines available to really maximise your opportunity to win.

Offers and Bonuses

Make the most of your casino bonus
Make the most of your casino bonus for the best chance of casino success.

This applies to any form of online gambling be it a sports book or a casino room but selecting the right customer offer is vital to giving you best chance of hitting a big return.

Multiple casino rooms offer a host of sign-up offers including things such as free spins and money options.

These are great to take advantage of and offer real value but where people fall foul is in two areas. Firstly, a failure to read the pay-out options as often there will be multiple terms and conditions and secondly, choosing the wrong type of offer for what they are wanting to use on the online casino.

Have a look at the slots on offer first before committing to play that site and if you are happy with the offer, take it, go for it and hopefully win big with it.

Your bankroll is key

Sound obvious but you would be amazed at how many people hit the slot machines with a bankroll and then make the critical mistake of betting out of it because they either believe they are on a winning run, or trying to chase losses.

We are sure you have heard this plenty of times but you have a bankroll for a reason so stick to it.

Deviating from it may be tempting if you feel things are going your way but remember any form of gambling is slightly in the house’s favour so being strict with yourself will you give the best chance to come away a winner.

Have Fun

stay happy on slots
Don’t forget to have fun when playing the slots at online casinos; when the fun stops, stop!

Remember, slot games are designed to be a source of entertainment and should be fun. By following our guide, you will go a long way to giving yourself every opportunity to take some winnings out of playing slots.

You’re more likely to win if you are enjoying yourself and if you find yourself getting frustrated or angry, then simply walk away.

Picking the right online casino if key to making sure you have fun and we reckon one of the best names in the business when it comes to slots is Powerspins Casino, so head over using the link below and have a spin for yourself.

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