How to keep yourself protected when playing online casinos

Regardless of whether you’re a poker player, a regular at the slots or prefer table games in online casinos, it’s all about your bankroll.

Why security is important playing online casinos
What’s the point in accruing a big bankroll if you can’t protect it? PIctures: Thinkstock

Building it and keeping it high can take a very long time, and a few failures along the way even for the best players. Yet many players will dedicate hours to honing their abilities to be sure they make the right bets and plays to protect their bankroll, but neglect one other way which is just as important – security.

Get the basics right

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that the online casino you’re using is legitimate. While the vast majority of players opt for major casinos and cardrooms, some players – especially those who sign up to a lot of different sites to collect welcome bonuses and special offers – will go further afield into more obscure websites.

It’s important to make sure that you’re dealing with a reliable, trustworthy casino – firstly, you should check that they’re fully licensed by the relevant gambling authority in your jurisdiction.

Secondly, it’s important to do a little bit of research – there are plenty of sites to find out if the casino you opt for has a history of fraud against players or any other black marks.

Secondly, even if the casino itself is perfectly legitimate, your interactions with them may not be. Make sure that their customer support system operates on strong guidelines – either with a ticket system that tracks your query, or with an internal messaging service on the site itself.

Any emails asking you for your details could be scams looking to empty your bankroll – or even worse, your personal bank account.

Third parties can pose a significant problem, so you should also check that the casino has the right security in place. Whenever you make a payment, it should be processed through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – this will ensure your data is encrypted and can’t be accessed by anyone else. It’s also helpful to read the data policy of the casino, and ensure that your own personal details are encrypted wherever they’re stored.

Now look closer to home

In addition, you’ll want to make sure your own security is up to scratch, too. This means having a firewall in place and making sure you keep it updated at all times to deal with the latest threats. The same goes for anti-virus software, which will help prevent programs such as keyloggers – which could steal your bank details or password – from gaining access to your information undetected.

Online security when playing online casinos
As well as choosing a trustworthy site, you need to consider your own device security

Finally, you’ll want to abide by basic security ideas yourself. It’s probably unwise to be dealing with anything involving money online on a public network – you probably know not to log into your online banking at a free public wi-fi spot, and the same goes for using an online casino, especially when it comes to making deposits or withdrawals.

Overall, keep track of all of the above and you should be confident that your details – and your bankroll will be secure. Don’t take the risk of losing all your hard-won money in one fell swoop because you overlooked security.

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