How you can avoid repetitive strain injuries while playing online casinos

  • Repetitive actions during online gaming could lead to severe strain on certain areas of the body
  • Adherence to preventative measures and medical attention are recommended for players who spend extended hours playing online

Probably the last thing that thing that comes to mind when playing online casino games is the possible risk of injury.

Online casino games and RSI? It can happen.
Online casino games and RSI? It can happen.

But people who spend a long time at their online casino, looking up new games to play, sampling them in demo mode and having a few spins, can actually rack up several hours of gameplay.

Unfortunately, issues like bad posture repeated clicking and stress, could lead to cases of repetitive strain Injury (RSI).

Clicking on a mouse or keyboard several thousand times a day when playing online games could lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome which commonly affects people who type for long periods as well as guitarists.

Many online casino players who spend prolonged periods playing on their computers also complain of arm, neck, eye and back strain.
Other medical conditions associated with RSI include Tendinitis, Tenosynovitis and Epicondylitis (Tennis elbow).

And when using tablet computers, people can often find themselves in very uncomfortable or unnatural positions.

Diminished playing experience

Casino operators have had to assess the risk factors associated with extended playing hours and studies have found that, in the long run, RSI could negatively affect the overall health of players.

This in turn could hurt the bottomline of online casinos because injured players are likely to play less. Many online casino operators have taken it upon themselves to highlight issues relating to Repetitive Strain Injury and recommend ways of avoiding it or significantly reducing its impact on players.

How to identify RSI

Before seeking medical assistance, many RSI sufferers are able to individually distinguish the symptoms of the condition.

Some of the common warning signs include prolonged numbness, tingling and aches around the affected areas. Many of the symptoms can be dealt with by resting the affected area and reducing repetitive actions. If the condition persists, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Ensure that you seek help from a medical practitioner with experience in dealing with RSI. If the doctor is not too familiar with the condition, do not be afraid to ask for a referral to a doctor with more experience.

Preventative measures

Here are some guidelines on the possible causes of RSI and how to prevent their onset.

Eyestrain is one of the most common signs of RSI due to the long hours spent staring at computer monitors or smartphone screens – particularly with the takeoff of mobile casinos.

Players are advised to take frequent breaks and also look away from screens once in a while when playing.

The correct sitting posture if you're at a desk. Picture: Thinkstock.
The correct sitting posture if you’re at a desk. Picture: Thinkstock.

Good posture is essential for overall good health and it also ensures that you enjoy a better gaming experience. Avoid slouching when playing and ensure that your feet are flat on the ground. Also ensure that your monitor is at eye level to avoid looking up or down at the screen for long periods which could affect the neck, back and shoulders.

The use of ergonomic furniture helps in maintaining natural form and balance.

Using a professional gaming mouse is recommended since it is designed for extended use and eases pressure on the index finger and wrist.

To avoid too much strain on the fingers when playing, try and use the autoplay function when available. Most slot machines have this feature that reduces the need for excessive repetitive actions.

Extended breaks during the gaming process are not just good for the body; it is also a way of controlling over indulgence. These timeouts could also give you time to do some exercise, socializing or simply to unwind.

Remember that anybody who spends extended hours online is highly susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injury, so try and adhere to the preventative measures and seek help if the condition persists.

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