How Jewel Quest Riches slot rips up the rulebook on online casino games

  • The bonus feature in Jewel Quest Riches gives players a full freedom with their decisions
  • Can the optimal play improve players’ winning chances, effectively increasing the game’s theoretical RTP?

Old Skool, a somewhat lesser-known game developer, has recently launched a slot that could be a real game-changer in the market.

The base game of Jewel Quest Riches looks inspired by the success of viral social media games like Candy Crush.
The base game of Jewel Quest Riches looks inspired by the success of viral social media games like Candy Crush.

It is their Jewel Quest Riches, a slot that moves away from the tradition and adds a number of engaging, skill-based elements rarely found in online slots.

Your decisions matter

With most online slots out there, you pull the lever or press the button, and what happens next is completely out of your control.

The random number generator (RNG) operating the game will put out some symbols on the screen, determining if and how much you win.

Every now and then, players score a big win, but the fact is, they can’t influence the outcome in the slightest.

New generations of players, and most famously millennials, apparently want more from their gaming experience.

They want to be involved with the games and have some say in what happens with their money.

Jewel Quest slot bonus round.
We love a bonus round.

This is where Jewel Quest Riches come through, with the bonus game designed in a fashion similar to Candy Crush Saga and other Saga-type games.

In the bonus round, players’ have a complete freedom to do whatever they want with the amount of moves they’re awarded.

The goal is straightforward – match as many symbols as possible and try to trigger certain fields on the board to move on to the next level.

However, how you use your moves and how much thought you invest in making your decisions is entirely up to you. Making wrong moves will cost you money; likewise, really taking your time to figure things out will bring better rewards.

Let’s talk RTP

Nominally, Old Skool announces Jewel Quest Riches’ RTP (Return to Player) as 95.19%, with bonuses and jackpots accounting for about 33.6% of the entire return. The question we’re asking is this – how much can player actually influence the RTP?

Since you are given the freedom of choice in the bonuses, making completely random moves every time would clearly result in a much lower average return. That said, will thinking things through increase your RTP?

To simplify it, is 95.19% the maximum return one can get from Jewel Quest Riches or is it the median value that could be surpassed by someone really putting in the effort when playing bonuses? Could precise play add a few more percentages on top, making this game closer to 97%+?

Right now, there is no information really tackling this issue, so it would definitely be interesting to hear from the game creators.

Is the interactive part just ‘eye candy’ or can we actually improve our winning rate by mastering the intricacies of the Jewel Quest Riches bonus feature?

If you want to have a go yourself you can try the multitude of casinos that currently host it. It started as an exclusive with Casumo Casino, but has since rolled out to plenty more, such as LeoVegas Casino and Guts Casino.

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