How an internet connection drop-out cost poker player a big payday

  • Player loses internet connection during heads-up match
  • Loss of internet costs him a first prize win

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet is widely regarded as the most sought after non-money prize a poker player can win. One unfortunate person taking part in the WSOP lost out on his chance to win this coveted prize all thanks to an insecure internet connection.

An unreliable internet connection cost a player big time at the WSOP Grind Tour
An unreliable internet connection cost a player big time at the WSOP Grind Tour

The heads-on match

It happened during the first of the WSOP’s three online events, the WSOP $333 Online Little Grind, which attracted a total of 2,509 players.

The heads-up match was set to decide which of Joseph Mitchell and Mark Scacewater would win, however the match’s eventual outcome was decided by the fact that Scacewater lost internet connection. He was disconnected for such a long time that he blinded out and, once he regained his connection, he only lasted two hands.

Though he still managed to take down $73,539, his rather lucky competitor Mitchell ended up the victor and the owner of the gold bracelet, not to mention being $122,314 richer.

Disconnections in online poker tournaments

Disconnections aren’t unheard of in online poker tournaments.

A recent example of this took place just last month when Charlie Carrel lost his internet connection while taking part in the SCOOP Main Event; he resorted to visiting his nearest Starbucks to use their Wi-Fi and, thankfully, ended up winning the big prize. Mitchell’s win marks the first time in history that someone has won a WSOP gold bracelet thanks to a lost internet connection.

The event’s success

The WSOP $333 Online Little Grind was a huge success, despite the technical glitch that interfered with Scacewater’s chances of winning. It had a guaranteed prize pool of $333,333, but this was raised to $752,700 thanks to the large number of players who decided to compete in it. The WSOP will be holding two more events, one on July 1 and another on July 7.

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