Hollywood studio aims a 747 jumbo jet at the Vegas Strip

  • Talaat Captan, CEO of Air Hollywood, is reportedly looking at ways to bring a Pan Am 747 to Vegas
  • The ‘Pan Am Experience’ takes visitors on a journey into the world of 70s air travel

The Las Vegas Strip, that famous stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard, has seen its share of wacky installations and entertainments over the years.

Pan Am Jumbo in vegas
Pan Am Boeing 747 (stock photo)

Even by the flamboyant standards of Nevada’s gaming capital however, its next attraction could be a traffic-stopping one. Talaat Captan, CEO of Air Hollywood, is reportedly looking at ways to bring a Pan Am 747 to its famous tarmac.

Experience travel in the 70s

The forgotten aircraft of the 70s, back when things as alien to us as smoking on planes were all the rage, could be coaxed out of retirement and plonked down in the heart of Vegas.

US airline Pan Am went bankrupt years ago, but a few of its 747s live on, even if most of them haven’t gotten airborne in quite some time.

Those who lived through the 1970s may have a different view of the era to subsequent generations, for whom the notion of partying on a reconditioned 747 sounds veritably glamorous and retro.

If Captan and his business partner Antony Toth have their way, Las Vegas’ party people will be treated to a faithful simulation of flying on a 1970s Pan Am flight, minus the flying part of course. From the silverware to the hostesses’ outfits, every element of the original experience will allegedly be faithfully recreated.

Taking the party to Vegas

The Air Hollywood executives have reportedly got the data to show that there’s demand for a Pan Am party, for they’ve already hosted 400 such events aboard the plane in LA over the last three years. This might include gameplay such as roulette and blackjack

Taking the party straight to Vegas seems the logical conclusion to the whole affair as far as Captain is concerned. It is reported that, ideally, he wants to set up a deal with a Las Vegas hotel, obtaining permission to bring his retired airliner to town and park it on their lawn in return for a share of the revenue.

The Pan Am experience is essentially a luxury supper club, something which is already popular in America. More often than not it’s medieval dinner reenactments that are held complete with jousting knights.

In this instance, the setting being recreated is that of a 1970s airliner complete with uniformed stewardesses and pilot. The evening starts with cocktails in the lounge before passengers board the plane and embark on an epic journey through six courses including black caviar and shrimp.

“Our Pan Am Experience is a time machine. We bring you back 40 years. You are going to scent cologne and perfume that reminds you of your grandparents,” Captan told the Las Vegas Review Journal. The studio boss seems rightly confident that the idea will take off. Prepare to see the 747 taxiing its way to the famous strip soon.

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