High roller airline LVAIR to feature in web series as it aims to bring the biggest whales straight to Vegas casinos

  • $10.3 billion charter airline coming to Las Vegas, according to news release
  • LVAIR will also feature in a new web series

A new charter airline is set to take to the skies above Las Vegas, and will also feature in a new web series, according to a press release via lasvegasinthesky.com.

LV Rising? A YouTube and Facebook series is set to document the launch of LV Air.
LV Rising? A YouTube and Facebook series is set to document the launch of LV Air.

LVAIR is claimed to be a $10.3 billion charter airline that is set to become the most expensive air charter in history.

The airline will start its business life with a fleet of thirty 747 luxury Jumbo Jets that have been designed to transport high rollers to Las Vegas from various pick up points around the world.

The airline has been in development for five years and according to lasvegasinthesky.com, it is just twelve months away from being able to stage its inaugural flight, in November 2018.

It was created by Eneliko Sean Smith, described variously as the creator of THE BLOCK HOTELS, a University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate, a teacher, hotelier, inmate, Olympic boxer and one-time teammate of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

By 2020, the company claims that it will be able to double the gaming revenues of Las Vegas casinos through its activities.

Bold claims indeed.

Mr Smith first talked about the concept with Bloomberg back in 2012, as the below video documents.

The executive vice president for LVAI, Jeff Champagne, says that LVAIR is capitalizing on the growth of the high-roller phenomenon.

He said: “This is a golden age for gaming worldwide, with double digit growth for international markets into Las Vegas; there is no better gaming market in the world so we plan to capitalize on the boom of Players worldwide by giving them a stable conduit to the Entertainment Capital Of The World.”

LVAIR Rising

The final period of LVAIR’ development will be filmed by a company called Rising Again Productions for a webseries called “LVAIR RISING” which is set to be broadcast on Youtube and Facebook.

Adriel Roman, the co-founder of Rising Again, says that the webseries will combine reality television with modern documentary storytelling. He also announced that the company would be hiring a thousand local actors to appear in the series.

According to Mr Champagne, LVAIR is set to have a significant impact not just on luxury tourism to Las Vegas but also on the airline industry.

“Our investors, our employees, our casino partners, and our celebrities and most of all, the citizens of Las Vegas will be able to see how we’re taking shape and changing the world as we revolutionize the airline industry.”

It remains to be seen whether this big ambition will really take off.

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