UK Health Lottery now offering draws every THREE MINUTES with £25,000 prize each time

  • Innovative lottery game holds draws every 180 seconds
  • Proceeds of QuickWin game go towards charities

A UK lottery has announced a brand new game with a lottery draw every three minutes, which will give away £12 million in jackpot prizes every day.

The QuickWin is a new concept in lotteries, offering a draw every three minutes with prizes up to £25,000.
The QuickWin is a new concept in lotteries, offering a draw every three minutes with prizes up to £25,000.

The Health Lottery revealed details of its new QuickWin game, which has launched alongside the organization’s flagship Health Lottery daily draw game.

Players who buy a ticket will be entered into the next open draw, and each game has a guaranteed £25,000 jackpot. Players can also win a range of smaller cash prizes, along with free tickets for future draws.

Smaller prizes, but more wins

The Health Lottery states that every 1 in 6 QuickWin tickets will pick up a prize. That prize could be a free ticket for the next draw, or it could be a £25k jackpot.

There is some evidence that many Brits prefer the a greater chance of winning small prizes, so the strategy could be successful.

There are cash prizes available for matching one number plus the bonus ball, right up to all numbers (with or without the bonus) for the higher prizes. There will be £1.2 million in jackpots up for grabs every day, the Health Lottery game launch statement confirmed.

There is of course a trade-off to the higher win frequency and the regularity of the draws, and that is lower prizes for the QuickWin game.

Prizes will never exceed the £25,000 cap – pretty unremarkable for many lotteries and even for online casino slot game jackpots.

In the main Health Lottery game, players can grab up to £100,000 in prizes and draws take place daily, five days a week; there is far less chance of picking up a winning ticket, but more to be won from one.

No more lost lottery tickets?

The Health Lottery is targeting players who want more regular lottery action, and in its PR release, claimed that it would also cut down on lost ticket issues.

Many lottery games take place weekly or daily, so there is a period of waiting between the ticket purchase and the draw.

During this time, tickets can become lost and the player could potentially miss out on a big prize, but with the three minute draw, that risk is virtually eliminated.

The draw takes place online and can be watched live through a computer or mobile device. The draw show is hosted by Health Lottery representative and TV personality Anna Johnson, who also hosts the main Health Lottery draw on Channel 5.

Players can be sure they will never miss out on seeing if their numbers came in, with just 180 seconds to wait between buying their ticket and their draw playing out.

The draws are said to be available day and night, so either Anna Johnson is going to be very busy, or they will have some stand ins at certain times.

Good causes benefit from gambling game

The Health Lottery launched in 2011 as an alternative to the long-established UK National Lottery.

Profits from the game are donated to good causes linked with healthcare.

According to its website, 20.3% of profits are donated directly and 30.3% goes to the game winners. It operates as 51 separate lotteries, representing the local regions where it can be played, with the profits and prizes combined. This keeps the game on the right side of the Gambling Commission and allows it to operate like a national lottery.

Over £93 million has been raised by the lottery group so far, funding a wide range of projects including rehab centers, community gardens, parenting classes and youth education services. The organization pledges that 20p from every £1 QuickWin ticket will go towards health-related charities and services, continuing the good work of the group.

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