”He went ballistic” Hard Rock $100K slot winner speaks out after jackpot-gate row

  • Marina Medvedeva Navarro tells how she won $100,000 jackpot with her own dime
  • Florida resident has since received threatening texts from former gambling partner

We recently bought you the unfortunate story of Jan Flato which provides us all with a reminder that slot machines are not meant to be a team sport.

The Miami Herald has since published an interview with Marina Medvedeva Navarro who says that it was her dime that won the $100,000 jackpot at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 31st.

Ms Navarro disputes the version of events told by her friend and casino partner Jan Flato, who was playing the Double Top Dollar machine with her that evening.

Navarro says that it was she who paid money into the slot game, and who pressed the button, winning the jackpot.

“I’m a hard-working professional and [Flato] is playing with my honor,” she told the Herald.

“My favorite game is Top Dollar slots, and the best ones are in the high limit room.”

“We yelled and screamed and hugged, we were very happy; then they came down to give me the jackpot and he went ballistic.”

As is standard practice, casino staff reviewed CCTV before paying out the jackpot and concluded that it should be awarded to Navarro, possibly backing up her claim. Gambling experts are of the opinion that the wager on a slot is placed by the person pulling the handle or pressing the button, regardless of who actually pays for the money put into the machine.

Navarro went on to relate to the Herald how Flato reacted angrily when casino staff awarded her the jackpot, saying that she has since received insulting and threatening text messages from Flato, which Flato does not deny sending.

Hard Rock staff have declined to comment on the case, saying that it is company policy to always keep individual gambler information confidential. This case is certain to act as a cautionary reminder to anyone who finds themselves playing slots with a partner in future.


This is another twist in a confusing and complex case, we can’t be sure as to what series of events unfolded in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood in Fort Lauderdale on that fateful night and it looks like we may never know.

But there is a clear lesson for all slots players to take from this tale; if you stake the bet make sure you place the bet

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