Twice the pandas, twice the fun with Habanero’s latest slot Panda Panda

  • Habanero’s new Panda Panda features innovative new preview screen, letting players see future action
  • The game is the fifth of ten titles earmarked for release this year by the developer

In real life, pandas are loveable but dull creatures best known for eating copious amounts of bamboo and spending their days reclining and relaxing – and that’s pretty much it. On the internet however, pandas are much more exciting, or at least they are if you’re rolling the reels of Habanero’s latest online slot.

Deciding that one panda simply wasn’t enough to contain all the awesomeness it wished to provide players, the developer has decided to double up. The result is Panda Panda, a game which offers twice as many bamboo-munching mammals as the average panda-themed slot.

Raining coins

The game, like the vast majority of video slots debuting these days, has been built in HTML5, making it suited to mobile casino play as well as playing in browsers that don’t support Flash.

There’s more to Habanero’s shiny new slot than dual pandas and mobile compatibility however. The game is rich with evocative Oriental imagery including waterfalls and cherry blossom.

The aim of the game is to pair up the baby pandas. Achieve that feat and the adorable little critters will perform somersaults of joy. Win big in the game and the pandas will get super excited and start sliding down bamboo shoots while it rains coins. Like many slots being released to market now, Panda Panda is a 243 ways game, providing ample opportunities for scooping up small wins on the board with virtually every spin. Both left to right and right to left wins pay out.

Who doesn’t like pandas?

One of the coolest things about Panda Panda is that it has a preview screen built in which provides a sneak peek of the action that’s coming up further down the line if you keep rolling the reels. This teasing touch should entice players to persist until the preview comes true. Whether that preview provides a snapshot of the near future or the distant future, 100 spins hence, is uncertain. The only way to find out is by playing on and pairing more pandas.

Discussing the release of Panda Panda, which will be on display at Habanero’s G2E stand this year, Head of Corporate Communications Toni Karapetrov said “Our latest release features stunning graphics and animation and will surely prove to be a popular hit with anyone who likes pandas, and who doesn’t like pandas?”

He’s got a point. Unless there is a black vortex of despair when your soul should be, you can’t fail to be charmed by the impish pandas that prance and play in Panda Panda. The game, which is the fifth of ten titles Habanero has earmarked for this year, looks like being another in a list of ever-popular slot games.

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