Google Play Store to accept gambling apps from August

  • Google announces they’ll start accepting gambling apps in their Play Store from August 2017
  • To start with, only applicants from the UK, Republic of Ireland, and France will be accepted

For a long time, Google was completely opposed to allowing any real money gambling apps on their store.

Google is opening a new world for mobile casino by accepting gambling apps on to its play store
Google is opening a new world for mobile casino by accepting gambling apps on to its play store

While iPhone and iPad users could freely download their favorite casino apps without any hassle, Android users were at a disadvantage, having to locate and download the apps from various sources other than Play Store.

However, according to, that is about to change in August, with Google finally giving a green light for gambling apps to be added to the store.

This has opened the doors for many gaming operators that were eagerly awaiting such an announcement to make it easier for them to reach new players and facilitate things for the existing ones.

Android apps revolution on the horizon?

Up until recently, the only way for gambling operators to distribute their Android apps was via their own pages or third-party sites. This created multiple problems for the company, as players often had a hard time locating the apps in the first place, and some were also reluctant to install anything not coming from the Play Store.

Additionally, marketing Android apps not featured in the Store is a very expensive endeavor, and regardless of the marketing funds, the reach still stays quite limited. There is, of course, the issue of maintaining and updating the apps as necessary. This process is automated for the apps featured in the Play Store, while gambling operators had to add special functionalities just to make sure their Android apps keep on running.

All of this added a lot of expenses, making the development of Android gambling apps an undesirable and underfunded task for most companies. With the new era on the horizon, however, things might be about to change.

Slow, but important start

This is a big shift for Google, so it won’t happen overnight. Namely, the company announced Play Store would start accepting gambling apps in August, but it will only accept applicants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France.

The list of accepted countries will probably expand in the future, but to kick things off, Google will stick with a few big players.

Companies wanting to publish their apps on Play Store will need to submit them for review and approval. Once the team in charge of this task confirms an app is in compliance with the Store requirements and that the operator has the license to offer its services in the countries it will be targeting, the app will become available to users.

This is big news for UK-based casino and betting sites, as Android devices make up for almost a half of all handheld devices in the country. There is no doubt many leading companies will be hurrying to launch or update their existing Android apps, looking to seize the day and take full advantage of this new opportunity.

Of course, this is great news for all players using Android devices as well, as they’ll finally be able to play at some of their favorite¬†mobile casino sites without having to jump through loops and hoops.

The move is likely to be seized upon by major betting and casino sites soon.

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