Goa floating casinos have deadline to find new home extended

  • Floating casinos in India’s Goa region face uncertain future
  • Search continues for permanent location for casinos

Floating casinos in India’s Goa region have been allowed more time to find a new home with the deadline now being changed to the 30th September.

The five casino operators now have another three months before having to move out of their vessels and end their operations on the Mandovi River.

Delta Corp Ltd, Goa Coastal Resorts and Recreation Pvt Ltd, Highstreet Cruises and Entertainment, Golden Peace Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and Delta Pleasure Cruise Company have all been searching for a new place to do business for many years now.

Long running floating casino saga

In March 2014 the cabinet decided not to renew offshore casino licenses however later decided to renew them for only two years to allow the gambling operators to find new venues.

The Government has been looking at new sites for the casinos however so far nothing concrete has been achieved and the casinos are still operating from the Mandovi River.

Sites at Auguada Bay, the Zuari, Chapora and Sal rivers have all been mentioned as possible new locations for the operators to move to however these have been met with strong opposition by local residents who believe that it could impact sensitive fishing areas.

What is next for Goa’s floating casinos

The latest extension of the deadline was a promise made to these casino operators after the Spring elections.

The BJP Government has outlined its commitment to moving these casinos from the river but insist this cannot be done until new sites have been identified and agreed upon with the casinos in question.

However pressure is increasing on the Government to act and remove the venues from the Mandovi with opposition accusing the BJP of inaction now that the election has concluded.

The Government has said that it remains intent to “formulate and implement policy” on the matter but it seems for the time being at least the casinos will remain on water.

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