Work is for dummies: an idiot-proof guide to spinning the slots at your desk

  • Mobile casinos offer a gateway to gambling anywhere and everywhere
  • Boring moments can be easily livened up with a flutter that’ll inject your day with fun

It’s 3pm and the clock is moving so slowly it starts to seem like it’s going backwards. Time for a little light relief from the daily grind with a spin of the reels. But your work PC has the “No fun for staff here” security settings enabled and you can’t get access to an online casino.

You might feel like your only options are to learn how to hack your way into the network, bribe someone in IT, or resign yourself to a metaphorical death by spreadsheet for the next two hours.

The magic of mobile

If you’re accustomed to desktop gaming, you might not be au fait with how brilliant mobile platforms are now. Sure, it’s better to have a half decent phone that’s up to the job and you might need Flash installed (especially if you’re into HD/3D), but pretty much any iPhone or Android will adeptly handle slots, so you can fire up your favourites for some covert fun.

Mobile feature
Mobile doesn’t mean you miss out – there’s still some action packed slots play up for grabs. Photo: Playtech

For a detailed guide on the mobile casinos we recommend that offer the very best, most user-friendly systems, see here.

Under cover

Don’t give the game away – literally – by sitting staring down at your lap. Disguise your activity with some clever positioning and a mobile phone or tablet stand (you can have extra fun fashioning your own from office bits and bobs around the place, Blue Peter style), to make it look like you’re actually looking at your screen – although it may be a bit suspicious if you appear considerably more keen and invested than usual.

mobile casino
Keep it sneaky: there’s plenty of ways you can have a few spins undercover, if you’re smart… Photo: NetEnt

Alternatively, pretend you have to visit the bathroom and hide in a toilet cubicle for as long as possible – if you’re lucky the rest of the office won’t even notice you’re gone.

Just remember to turn off the sound on your mobile and make sure you’re connected to wifi or have a healthy data allowance or that’ll be one expensive loo loiter.

You can also use time at your desk to gen up on strategy and tips: from home, email some of these guides to your work address. While everyone will think you’re reading that important report, you’ll be learning some pro tricks to bring in more dough once you clock off – or even before if you can’t wait that long.

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