Georgia’s Republican Party takes a stand against casinos and horse racing

  • The GOP resolution voices a clear anti-gambling stance
  • The support from the GOP will significantly strengthen the position of those opposing regulated gambling in the state

Recent developments in Georgia bring some bad news for the prospects for casinos and horse racing in this US state.

Georgia's Republicans have taken a stand against casinos and horse racing.
Georgia’s Republicans have taken a stand against casinos and horse racing.

Namely, opponents of regulated gambling have acquired a strong ally in the Georgia Republican Party. Over the weekend, the GOP passed a resolution that clearly speaks against horse racing and casino gambling, invoking human and family values.

Protecting common people

According to the text of the GOP resolution, the state shouldn’t be involved in what they call “predatory” behavior. The GOP representatives don’t believe it is right for Georgia to put emphasis on filling up the state budget, while disregarding problems that can with gambling, which they see as higher divorce rates and destroyed families.

Proponents of regulated gambling in the state have been suggesting the new income could be used to add new funds to the HOPE scholarships fund, a program that covers college tuition for gifted students with a grade point average of 3.0 or above.

The GOP doesn’t seem to believe this is a reason enough to regulate casino gambling.

In their resolution, they cite a number of reasons against the regulation, including the fact that gamblers are much likelier to divorce, there would be a likely increase in crime rates and prostitution, bankruptcies, domestic violence, child neglect, as well as other negatives.

Fantasy sports are safe

Although fantasy sports were also included in the original draft of the resolution, they were later removed from the final text. This was primarily due to efforts of State Representative Trey Kelley, who’s been leading the battle for fantasy sports to be excluded from anti-gambling restrictions.

Kelley emphasized and reiterated his belief that fantasy sports aren’t gambling but a game of skill and, as such, need to be treated differently. He was pleased that the GOP representatives came to see eye to eye with him on this matter.

As things stand now, save for fantasy sports, any type of a bill regulating casino gambling or horse racing in Georgia will have a difficult road ahead.

The powerful support of the GOP will give wings to those opposing regulated gambling in the state and the reasons cited in the resolution certainly aren’t without their merits, meaning they could also sway those lawmakers who still don’t have a firm position on the matter.

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