Genting Casinos to introduce SlotGuru app to educate and inform players

  • Genting and SlotGuru to introduce app in operator’s UK casinos
  • SlotGuru provides slots data and information to educate players

It has been reported that Leading land based and online casino operator, Genting Casinos is to cooperate with SlotGuru, a new app that provides detailed data and insights into slots in order to educate players through knowledge.

The SlotGuru technology, which is available as an app provides a host of information related to slot games at casinos. For example, it contains data on thousands of different games that gives details such as volatility, reviews and ratings and more. It also lets users share information with others about specific slots they choose to highlight.

Genting UK and SlotGuru app for slots
Genting UK and SlotGuru have teamed up to provide slots fans with better insights

As well as mooted benefits like better player engagement and enjoyment, those behind the tech say that improving education about games can also potentially decrease rates of problem gambling and addiction.

Genting Casinos and SlotGuru

Genting’s partnership with SlotGuru, which will remain in place until March 2018 is reported to be focusing on the latter, working to educate casino gamblers on responsible gambling. To do so, Genting Casinos will be promoting SlotGuru across all 39 of its UK-based casinos.

Often, irresponsible gambling stems from players’ lack of confidence regarding their slot or game of choice, which, in turn, leads to a great deal of money and time potentially being wasted trying to make a win. To combat this, SlotGuru paid particular attention to developing a mobile app that provides information such as payout rate and more.

“Effective player protection,” says Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi, head of commercial affairs at SlotGuru, “starts with education, but only if we all realise that everybody has an active part in promoting it.”

Excellent commitment to players

According to Paolino-Uboldi, the new partnership brings an added benefit in that “players can be readily informed of the SlotGuru tool at the point of play.” This will reportedly help those at risk of problematic gambling behaviors to identify where they may be most at risk, the most valuable data about players’ choice of game and how likely they are to win.

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