GAMSTOP will allow UK players a simple way to self exclude from licensed online casinos

  • New UK self-exclusion website to be introduced by the end of 2017
  • GAMSTOP offers players a single website from which to self-exclude from all UK Gambling Commission-licensed sites

Regulators in the UK are very serious when it comes to online casino self-exclusion policies and dictate that every operator offering online casinos and betting to UK residents needs to provide an easy and simple way to exclude themselves whenever they feel like it.

Gamstop will allow players to self exclude from all gambling operators regulated by the UK Gambling Commission in one simple step.
GAMSTOP will allow players to self exclude from all gambling operators regulated by the UK Gambling Commission in one simple step.

To further enhance that reputation, a new self-exclusion scheme called GAMSTOP, developed by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), allows players to self-exclude from all licensed operators via a single website.

It is hoped this will start up before the end of 2017.

Self-exclusion and online casinos and betting

While there are many measures in place to deal with problem gambling, self-exclusion is deemed to be one of the most effective practices because it enables players to stop at any time and deny themselves the access to an online casino.

That way, even if they feel the urge to play, they simply can’t do it as their account is restricted.

But with so many online casinos out there, self-exclusion has its limitations when done one casino at a time. It only takes a few minutes to create a new account at a different casino and start playing.

That’s partly why the UK Gambling Commission, the UK gambling watchdog, has decided more effective measures are needed if they are to efficiently deal with problem gambling.

UK Gambling Commission figures released last week said that from October 2015 to September 2016, 812,657 self-excluded accounts were registered. That was an increase up from 609,738 on the previous year.

GAMSTOP coming by the end of the year

GAMSTOP will come in place of the current National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme and it is expected it will be deployed by the end of 2017. The RGA director of social responsibility, Fiona Palmer explains GAMSTOP will provide a single website where players will be able to quickly self-exclude from all online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

The UKGC welcomes and supports the idea, as the regulator believes this is exactly what the people having difficulties managing their gambling need.

One quick process restricting access to all gaming operators in the country might play a significant role in solving or at least significantly decreasing the effects of problem gambling.

As for the operators, this may make things easier for them and help them avoid fines and other run-ins with the regulator.

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